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Resilient: How businesses can confront the COVID-19 crisis

Actionable insights to help businesses respond and recover

In this special edition Resilient series, we shift our focus to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. From supply chain disruptions and economic scenarios to remote working challenges and crisis response strategies, these episodes feature actionable insights from leaders to help you think through what to do now—and next.

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The social sector and business: Serving communities in crisis

As leaders formulate strategies for steering their organizations through ongoing uncertainty, the social sector will play a crucial role in how our communities not only survive current health, economic and racial justice crises, but persevere and thrive. How can nonprofits and foundations adapt to help bridge the gaps where government, policy, and social safety nets may be constrained? In this episode of Resilient, we bring together leaders from the social sector to explore the evolving dynamics in the nonprofit world and its mutually dependent relationships with government and corporate enterprises. They discuss what the crisis and related economic pressures mean for many of the social issues that businesses and corporate leaders care so much about. As organizations anticipate and prepare for aftershocks cascading from the crises, they share insights on how social sector leaders might adapt to new realities and turn disruption into opportunity. They also look at how social sector organizations might approach their next moves—using their influence and creative thinking to help communities innovate and flourish during these unprecedented times.

Leaders in this episode:

Phil Buchanan, CEO, Center for Effective Philanthropy
Shruti Sehra, managing director, New Profit Venture
Gabriel Kasper, managing director, Monitor Institute by Deloitte

Serving communities in crisis

On a mission: Higher education combats COVID-19 challenges

COVID-19’s impact on higher education has been both severe and expansive. In addition to the operational stress and disruption facing academic institutions, their students, and direct constituents, there are continuously evolving downstream consequences on the communities, businesses, and stakeholders in their shared sphere of influence. How can higher education leaders successfully fulfill their institution’s mission while managing the student, faculty, and community demands placed on them by the crisis? This episode explores the pandemic-related challenges shared by academia and business with Jay Hartzell, president, University of Texas, Austin and Betty Fleurimond, Higher Education practice managing director for Deloitte Services LP. They discuss intricate re-opening plans, outbreak response management programs, and the opportunities that widespread virtual environments are presenting higher education institutions. They also share insights on actions leaders might consider to engendered trust, preserve value, and position their organizations to thrive in the next normal.

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Higher education combats COVID-19 challenges

Resilience in the wake of adversity: Highlights from Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the past several months, organizations, their leaders, and their stakeholders have grappled with the challenging and often unpredictable course of the COVID-19 pandemic. From senior executives and futurists to frontline workers, the Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis Resilient podcast special series has followed their journeys from initial crisis response through business reboot and cautiously toward thriving in a new normal. In this episode, we revisit past conversations with many of these leaders who’ve shown us adversity is never the end of the story. We reflect on what makes a resilient leader and we curate answers from their stories and experiences facing disruption in the pandemic, building trust with stakeholders, customers, and employees, and inspiring hope for the future.

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Resilience in the wake of adversity

The impact of COVID-19 on people and how they are coping with crisis

The pandemic has forced so many people to demonstrate tremendous resilience. Frontline leaders and those personally impacted by the coronavirus have had to soldier on through mental and physical adversity. How can adopting well-being practices help individuals and leaders come back from crisis and build the fortitude required to navigate the ongoing challenges we all face? In this episode of Resilient, host Mike Kearney teams up with Jen Fisher, Deloitte’s US chief well-being officer and host of the WorkWell podcast, to explore the connection between well-being and resilience with emergency medical services (EMS) leader, Mike McCabe, Chief of Operations at McCabe Ambulance Service and the host of EMS World Podcasts. Mike McCabe has lived and worked through several crises—from 9/11 to COVID-19 response and dozens of public safety and medical incidents in between. He discusses his experiences dealing with physical and emotional traumas and the creative approaches he’s developed for tackling both everyday and extraordinary challenges. He also shares insights on effective well-being practices for leaders and teams, as well as strategies for coping with uncertainty.

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The impact of COVID-19 on people

Legal leadership in the time of COVID-19

What are the characteristics of an effective general counsel, particularly in times of crisis? In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Debbie Majoras, chief legal officer (CLO) and secretary at Procter & Gamble, shares insights on her life, career, and leading through the pandemic in a conversation with CLO Program Research & Insights Director Lori Lorenzo. Debbie discusses how her team at Procter & Gamble worked with governments and shared playbooks to help maintain the flow of goods while keeping workers safe. Debbie reflects on her leadership experience during the pandemic and more generally on the lessons she has learned during a career that spans big law, government, and the private sector. She knows it takes a fair amount of grit to rebound when things don’t go according to plan—and that those times show just how resilient you are as an individual and a professional.

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Legal leadership in the time of COVID-19

Critical infrastructure at risk: Creating a secure and resilient world

Securing and building resilience into the US critical infrastructure is essential to protecting our nation’s security and economy—as well as the health and welfare of our people. COVID-19 has introduced a number of new challenges to our resilience that have both physical and cyber implications—but also opportunities to rethink risk. How can business leaders not only manage the downside of risk at this time, but also leverage a strategic risk evaluation approach to enhance resilience against future crises?  This episode features Robert (Bob) Kolasky, the Assistant Director of the National Risk Management Center (NRMC) in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Bob discusses the interdependencies that exist across public and private industries and the NRMC’s role advising businesses, industry, and the government in the protection of critical infrastructure. He shares insights on some of the biggest risk factors that business owners, operators, and other leaders should consider when making decisions that have downstream infrastructure consequences. And, he also explores some of the greatest gaps in managing cyber risks in critical functions and infrastructure—as well as where innovation is at play—as organizations respond to and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Critical infrastructure at risk

Health care: Responding and recovering with resilience

Health care is on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis—and the people who care for those impacted by the pandemic are heroes in our ability to recover as a society and as a country. As health care leaders guide their organizations through this incredibly challenging time, how are they adapting to meet their communities’ and health practitioners’ needs while promoting resilience across their teams? In this episode of Resilient, we welcome two resilient leaders of health care institutions—Kevin Sowers, president of Johns Hopkins Health System, and Michael Dowling, president and CEO at Northwell Health—along with Deloitte’s own chief medical officer, Ken Abrams. They discuss their experiences leading through this unprecedented situation; how they have rewired and reinvented traditional practices to a meet a broad range of patient and caregiver needs. They also share inspiring stories of courage, empathy, and innovation in the face of despair, and reflect on the role that individual and organizational resilience plays in responding to and recovering from crisis. As these leaders collectively assess the impact of COVID-19 on the health care industry, they consider how the lessons of the past few months might be applied to drive radical change in health care’s future.

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Health care: Responding and recovering with resilience

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Authenticity. Determination. Trust. Grit. No matter how experienced you are or what industry you’re in, the basics of great leadership are universal. Hear the voices of leaders who put these attributes into action. Adversity is never the end of their story: listen to their insights.

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