Case studies

Restructuring realities in a new market

Navigating restructuring issues

Deloitte CRG teams with Rabobank and Hughes Hubbard & Reed to address global restructuring issues. When a company is faced with a restructuring, whether for their own enterprise or for a client they serve, they are often best suited to work with an external advisor to help them navigate the process. Watch our video case study to learn more.

Tasked with acting as a trustee for the largest bankruptcy in history, Hughes Hubbard & Reed relied on the Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Group’s (Deloitte CRG) depth of bench and industry experience to help the law firm transfer more than 100,000 securities accounts within a matter of days. When Rabobank was faced with a trading company that stopped communicating with them, they relied on Deloitte CRG’s global reach and breadth of services to protect the international bank’s assets. 

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