Chief Restructuring Officer Services

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Today’s economic climate has caused seismic shifts in the fortunes of businesses around the world. As a result, many have veered onto uncharted roads, where changing global markets, shifting governmental policies, and uncertain financial markets, result in an economic “zone of uncertainty”, in which most management teams are unaccustomed to operating.

Deloitte CRG can provide stability and leadership to companies in need

When facing this economic “zone of uncertainty,” a company’s board, creditors, and other key stakeholders look to explore all available financial and operational strategies, which will return the company to the familiar road of sound financial footing. The company’s current management team alone may not be best positioned to manage through this, so outside help may be the preferred alternative—the way to have a steady hand at the wheel.

Engaging a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) is the selected option for many companies facing this challenge. Reporting directly to existing management or the board, CROs work to maintain stability, offer viable alternatives and direction, and obtain the necessary “buy-in” to the company’s vision from the key stakeholders. They can be instrumental in resolving urgent situations and implementing the rapid changes often needed during the zone of economic uncertainty.

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