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Looking to unlock the value of artificial intelligence to drive growth and efficiency? Or deploy robotics and virtual assistants to improve customer interaction? Experience the power of advanced risk analytics tools? “Spark experiences” are designed to engage our clients in disruptive, technology-enabled solutions. During these experiences, we invite you to explore key issues and opportunities, immerse in advanced, innovative technologies, and prototype tailored solutions in an interactive digital environment.

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What’s a Spark experience?

Spark experiences provide disruptive, interactive technology-enabled solutions that are customized to address your organization’s specific issues. Our portfolio of cutting-edge services are aligned to Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s innovation solutions—what we call our Ventures Funds—and are designed to help you address today’s and tomorrow’s risks.

From experiential one-hour meetings to full-day sessions, Spark can help you:

  • Collaboratively explore key issues and opportunities
  • Immerse your team in advanced, tech-enabled solutions
  • Prototype and shape tailored solutions through visual technology, audio and video, and immersive activities

We work with you to drive toward tangible outcomes. Through early stage prototyping, you can leave the Spark experience confident in next steps. You’ll also be better prepared to take the lead in your industry as you navigate complex scenarios and seize bold opportunities to disrupt the status quo.

Interactive technology-enabled Spark experiences

Spark experiences bring to life our tech-enabled solutions. Click the images below to learn about several of our solutions today.

What to expect

The experience is a highly interactive and immersive environment for you to ask the questions and sample technologies with our subject matter specialists and industry experts. We use cognitive experiences such as virtual reality mechanisms to help you build a better understanding of the new risks introduced by disruptive forces and assist you in developing a road map to manage these risks. Here are some of the tools we use to deliver on this bold agenda:

  • Research-based content: Frameworks built on empirical data, research, and cumulative learnings from more than 1,500 sessions.
  • Immersive methods & exercises: Exercises based on behavioral research and team dynamics, as well as conversations with your people.
  • Subject matter specialists: We engage specialists who bring diverse perspectives, selected because of their direct experience with similar challenges or industry alignment.
  • Specialist facilitators: Business practitioners specializing in intervention, disruptions, alignment, and consensus.
  • Consciously-designed environment: Movable panels, flexible furniture, and an intimate space designed to spark conversation.

Experience excellence

Want to know more about the Spark experience and if it’s a good match for you and your goals? Let’s talk.

To learn more, contact: 

Mike Kearney 
+1 415 783 4461


Steve Alogna
Managing Director
+1 203 708 4844

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Deloitte Spark

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