Early Matter Assistance in corporate investigations


Early Matter Assistance in Corporate Investigations

Our solution

Whether it's because of a poor-performing or terminated employee, a customer's complaint, a vendor's duplicate billing, or an internal audit assessment that identifies inappropriate behavior or activity, businesses often face issues that require internal investigation. In such cases, companies can benefit from a seasoned investigation team with advanced forensic and analytics tools that can assist case management in efficiently determining if evidence appears to exist to justify more in-depth procedures; or no evidence could be found to support the allegation or initial concerns and, thus, no other investigative procedures would be required.

Early Matter Assistance: How we can help

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory is a leading investigation services provider. We have developed a cost-efficient solution—Early Matter Assistance (EMA)—to assist your organization and outside counsel as you take initial investigative steps into matters that could lead to deeper investigations and, potentially, legal, regulatory, or civil actions

An experienced Deloitte team can work closely with your organization and counsel as you follow your company’s investigative procedures. In fact, we often work directly with a client’s personnel, such as the internal audit department.

After your company decides on the set of investigative procedures warranted by the situation, our team can assist with one or more of the following:
  • Collaborating with your team to develop an investigative plan, including but not limited to scope and procedures to be performed
  • Creating a forensic image of the relevant employees’ computers and/or mobile devices
  • Filtering electronic data to load potentially relevant documents, such as e-mail, word processed documents, and spreadsheet files into software tools designed to aid in keyword and other types of searches
  • Performing early text analytics on electronic data files, including segmenting data files into “concepts,” which are categories of related attributes such as text and metadata, and combining them with select keyword searches to narrow the scope of manual document review, reduce false positives, and increase investigation velocity
  • Analyzing relevant financial and accounting transactions
  • Reviewing selected contracts and agreements, relevant policies and procedures, and accounting transaction data
  • Conducting focused background investigations on selected employees and third parties using proprietary databases and/or social media analysis tools
  • Conducting targeted interviews based upon allegations and evidence uncovered
  • Reporting findings orally to appropriate corporate representatives or outside counsel

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