Fiduciary Services

Deloitte CRG

​When circumstances require strong leadership to maximize value in formal proceedings, stakeholders of insolvent businesses turn to Deloitte CRG to provide experienced fiduciaries to manage estates, develop and implement operational and financial restructuring strategies, and to resolve insolvencies. In some cases, we have restructured operations and successfully reorganized debtors into viable businesses. In others, we have sold businesses and managed complex litigation for the interest of stakeholders. In all cases, we strive to add significant value to the estates we have served, in addition to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities.

Deloitte CRG relies on its extensive fiduciary experience, broad industry background, and ability to combine true operational experience, sound financial disciplines, and a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of restructuring proceedings to achieve extraordinary results in a cost-efficient manner.

Chapter 11 Trustee

As a Chapter 11 Trustee, Deloitte CRG restructuring professionals provide senior leadership and operational and financial knowledge while assuming fiduciary responsibility for the estate.  Our deep understanding of the dynamics of distressed businesses allows us to quickly identify and recommend operational improvement initiatives, which will generate short-term liquidity during the restructuring process.  As an independent, unbiased third party, we bring stability to these difficult situations, which ultimately maximizes the recovery to the beneficiaries of the estate.

Court Appointed Examiner/Receiver

When circumstances require, various State and Federal Courts retain Deloitte CRG professionals to serve as Court Appointed Examiner or Court Appointed Receiver.  Our professionals bring an objective perspective based on years of operational and financial restructuring experience.
As Court Appointed Examiner, Deloitte CRG’s unique approach incorporates years of experience restructuring companies to review issues from a business point of view.  Our experience enables us to address the critical issues quickly, resulting in an expedited, cost-effective investigative process.
As Court Appointed Receiver, Deloitte CRG leverages its restructuring experience to maximize the value of the estate’s assets for the benefit of its constituencies.  Deloitte CRG has the experience and in-depth skills to determine the most effective solution to monetize the estate’s assets and pursue appropriate causes of actions.

Post-Confirmation Fiduciary

As a Post-Confirmation Fiduciary, Deloitte CRG offers independent and objective senior leadership to manage the post confirmation affairs of a Chapter 11 proceeding.  In Post-Confirmation Fiduciary roles, Deloitte CRG professionals have served as plan administrator, post-confirmation trustee, liquidating trustee, plan monitor, and other similar fiduciary capacities.
Deloitte CRG’s professionals have years of experience in managing complex estates, selling businesses, and liquidating assets to maximize value recovery for creditors.  We have efficiently wound-down domestic and international corporate structures, managed complex litigation, and monetized the vestiges of large operating companies.
Our experience in this area, combined with our operational and financial experience, provides our clients with a unique skill set to manage the complexities of a post-confirmation estate in a cost effective and time-efficient manner.

Court Appointed Responsible Officer

As Court Appointed Responsible Officer, Deloitte CRG seasoned restructuring professionals offer their operational and financial knowledge, understanding of the dynamics of distressed businesses and valuable insight into the complexities of the Chapter 11 restructuring process.

Our experience in this environment enables us to quickly and efficiently lead a company through the restructuring process while identifying, developing and implementing operational improvement initiatives that yield immediate improvement.  Our goal is to create a foundation for profitability and growth post

We served as:

  • Chapter 11 Trustee
  • Court Appointed Examiner/Receiver
  • Post-Confirmation Fiduciary
  • Court Appointed Responsible Officer