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Marigold. Powerful software that simplifies the art and science of due diligence.

What is Marigold?

Powerful software that simplifies the art and science of due diligence

Marigold is a web-based, commercial due diligence application that was developed to assist commercial and federal clients in monitoring their business partners and entities of interest for indications of risk. Developed in coordination with the Department of Defense, Marigold delivers unparalleled reporting and analysis of supply chains, foreign and domestically held companies, and complex business structures. Marigold captures and codifies Deloitte’s years of due-diligence experience and knowledge.

Marigold incorporates and analyzes data from subscription and publicly-obtainable sources to identify and assess risks from entities of interest. By automating a significant portion of an analyst’s investigatory process, Marigold allows users to focus the majority of their time on evaluating the discovered risks and then honing in on the risks that indicated suspicious business practices and necessitate further investigation. Marigold provides an advanced baseline of discovery from which analysts can build a comprehensive risk assessment of specified entities.

Why you should care

Address issues before they become problems

Current processes within the federal government are largely manual, reactive, time-consuming, and often reliant on an individual analyst’s intuition. Likewise, federal agencies generally cannot afford the myriad of databases in frequent use by the private sector, nor are the benefits and shortcomings of those databases commonly understood.

Additionally, federal agencies need to protect themselves from legal, regulatory, reputational, and business risk. Many competitor approaches are manual, time consuming, and non-standardized. Marigold enables us help our clients address potential issues before they become real problems. An intuitive, easy-to-navigate online gateway provides access to the core platform of services including:

  • Aggregating and analyzing relevant data to help identify trends and potential trouble spots
  • Analyzing and tracking results and reports in a safe and secure manner
  • Documenting a trail for compliance and due diligence activities and outcomes

Where is Marigold effective?

Marigold and its methodology applies to any client situation requiring due-diligence investigatory work

The federal market for Marigold includes all agencies or mission charged with:

  • Securing a supply chain
  • Monitoring for regulatory compliance issues
  • Detecting or investigating issues of national security
  • Addressing fraud and corruption issues

To-date, Marigold has driven over $13M in sales across federal and commercial clients.

How is Marigold distinct?

A valuable tool for business

Increases accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness:

  • Uniform methodology and approach
  • Incorporates rules across location, finance, legal, corporate, market, personnel, and supply chain
  • Meaningful, quantitative risk factors allow for comparison across a group of entities
  • Alerts on critical information
  • Automates and standardizes information gathering tasks that commonly consume the majority of an analyst’s time 

Allows comprehensive vetting: 

  • Analysts conduct more targeted research based on automated findings
  • Numerous data sources automatically amalgamate information and identify risk across customizable categories 

Reduces time and cost:

  • Marigold can potentially provide an estimated 54 percent reduction in labor vs. comparative manual-due diligence investigation
  • Persistent monitoring provides even greater cost savings over time 

Marigold is designed to achieve these benefits by automatically conducting federated searches across a customizable list of leading commercial datasets to collect information about entities of interest. It then queries that information against a tailored list of due diligence rules to assemble an initial corporate dossier and bring noteworthy issues to the analyst’s attention. Marigold then engages in on-going monitoring, performing coherent change detection on key business attributes.

What is the Marigold delivery approach?

Marigold adds value through its four-phased process of Aggregating, Automating & Alerting, Analyzing, and Persisting:

Phase 1: Aggregate
Gathering from a global set of data sources, Marigold is able to create a well-rounded corporate profile

Outcomes: Established scope of research

Phase 2: Automate & Alert 
Alerts are automatically generated based on an extensive due diligence rule set that can be tailored by the user.

Outcomes: Interactive profiles for easy access to the most important data points that identify and monitor areas of risk

Phase 3: Analyze
Users are given a versatile platform to process and analyze company’s risk.

Outcomes: Expedited research identifying critical factors

Phase 4: Persist

Following the initial analysis, Marigold continuously monitors and alerts on critical
changes to the company.

Outcomes: Verified results and continuous refinement and improvement

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Five questions about Marigold automated due diligence

An interview with Marshall Billingslea, managing director, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP.

The supply chain of a large multinational company can comprise tens of thousands of vendor relationships. Vetting current and potential business partners to determine their compliance with expanding regulations around the world, including any past or present sanctions, is practically infeasible using long-established manual processes; the breadth and depth of data to be gathered and analyzed are simply overwhelming. Automation of third-party risk assessment and monitoring can help lighten the weight of due diligence, while capitalizing on companies’ opportunities to use risk insights to power their organizational performance. Download the full article to learn more.

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