Performance Improvement

Deloitte CRG

At any stage of a company’s evolution, Deloitte CRG can help improve operating performance. From optimizing inventories for distribution businesses and weeding out unprofitable product lines for manufacturing operations to managing content flow for media organizations and optimizing menu development for restaurant chains, among other performance-enhancing strategies, Deloitte CRG is equipped to help improve performance.

Working with your management team, our dedicated professionals quickly and comprehensively evaluate your business, identify opportunities for improvement and customize solutions that quickly drive measurable results. Our team assesses the key drivers and issues impacting your performance and develops a detailed thorough response to address them. With decades of experience spanning nearly all industries, our professional can design and implement solutions covering a variety of needs.

While we recognize that each situation is different, our diverse experience working with complex companies provides us with the knowledge and perspective to identify opportunities in any environment. In addition, the broad-reaching global footprint of Deloitte gives us access to cutting-edge ideas in each type of commercial setting and geography.

Deloitte CRG is dedicated to improving your business. We will help you deliver results no matter the scale, complexity, location or business challenge.

Revenue Enhancement  

Revenue growth is a crucial element to any organization’s success. Deloitte CRG professionals assist you in developing and implementing sales programs that lead to a substantial increase in revenue. Our experienced executives have elicited growth from numerous companies by applying our deep operational disciplines to the areas of product development, new product roll-outs, market penetration and new market development. We are here to help you drive profitability.

Process Improvement

Efficient processes are at the core of any successful organization. Whether utilizing Lean, Six Sigma or other operational disciplines and tools, Deloitte CRG provides practical solutions that improve operational and organizational processes across all functional areas. Deloitte CRG’s comprehensive approach combines all functional areas of an organization - including sales and marketing, research and development, finance and accounting, information technology and manufacturing operations - into a seamlessly integrated organization that is both efficient and profitable. Our professionals have experience identifying performance improvement opportunities in a wide range of areas, from reducing order entry errors in call centers or lead times for a capital goods manufacturer, to aligning IT infrastructure to better support business strategy and cost targets.

Manufacturing Optimization  

In order to remain competitive in our global economy, manufacturing companies seek fulfillment of their unique needs. Deloitte CRG assists manufacturers to proactively address the challenges they face today. Our professionals apply their knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement disciplines to manufacturers seeking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Deloitte CRG’s extensive experience includes establishing maquiladoras in Mexico, consolidating facilities and determining outsourcing and off shore transfer solutions for international and domestic organizations.

Supply Chain Management  

In times of dynamic, global change, organizations may seek the advice of efficiency experts to optimize an organization’s performance. Deloitte CRG professionals have extensive experience in a diverse range of industries, facilitating our ability to analyze the characteristics of any supply chain, from suppliers to logistics to customers, determine the highest impact opportunities for improvement and implement custom solutions that increase efficiencies and reduce cost – producing significant results. Our experience encompasses the sourcing of goods and services internationally, procurement, inventory analysis and stocking strategy. The specialized disciplines Deloitte CRG applies include:

  • Design a supply chain based on the operational characteristics and requirements of suppliers, producers and customers to reduce inventory needs.
  • Utilize common purchasing analytics to strategic supply chain design, incorporating lead times, costs and quality to reduce working capital investment.
  • Determine the tradeoffs between cost and operational performance (lead time, quality, minimum buy) of suppliers to increase stakeholder value.
  • Our extensive experience includes assessing and developing supply chain strategies, outsourcing and off shore transfer solutions, as well as establishing maquiladoras in Mexico for international and domestic organizations.
Transportation & Logistics  

High commodity costs and world-wide production centers require efficient distribution networks. Deloitte CRG assists our clients to reduce transportation costs and increase efficiency. Our expert transportation professionals have extensive experience minimizing freight costs through distribution center selection, warehouse layout and private fleet analysis, material handling system design and transportation management systems. Our domestic and international experience has employed all modes of transportation – truck, rail, air and ocean – to produce an efficient and cost effective transportation program. When it comes to transportation networks, efficiency and reduced costs yield increased customer service and satisfaction.

Deloitte CRG professionals possess deep knowledge in transportation and logistics, including helping companies transition in-house logistics management to third party logistics providers, identify cost reduction opportunities in existing trucking contracts and evaluate and optimize distribution networks.

Lean & Six Sigma

When a company’s processes efficiency is integral to its performance, Lean & Six Sigma disciplines can be applied to increase operational performance and profitability. A multitude of industries can benefit from these methodologies such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality and publishing, among others.

Lean methodologies applied to nearly any organization enable an efficient and lean enterprise. Deloitte CRG professionals assist your management teams to devise the appropriate process control strategy and support its implementation; this results in increased efficiency and reduced costs through the use of such tools as Pull Systems, Process Flow Improvement, Total Preventative Maintenance, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Setup Reduction and MRP Integration.

Six Sigma practices applied to nearly any organization produce an efficient and cost-effective enterprise. Deloitte CRG professionals offer practical advice to manufacturing companies – as well as any organization that is process driven – that increase efficiencies and reduce costs. An iterative process, we combine Six Sigma analytics such as Process Variation, Voice Customer and Failure Mode Analysis to determine areas for improvement, implement the necessary process controls and design experiments to test the solution, revising as needed until the goal is met. We determine, design and implement the correct material control process for any process based on its characteristics (supplier lead time, variation, required delivery time, etc.)

Deloitte CRG professionals have extensive experience implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, from helping you focus your efforts on the most favorable Lean opportunities to working alongside management to redesign business process, layout manufacturing cells and establish performance measurement systems.


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  • Process Improvement
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Lean & Six Sigma