Private companies investing in ESG reporting

5 reasons private companies should prepare to act.

Discussions around environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting tend to focus on public companies, but private companies are starting to witness the relevance ESG has in business strategies and company practices.

Sustainability concerns may be top of mind for a range of private company stakeholders, including investors, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which these companies operate. Many stakeholders have pressured regulators to act, and regulators have responded with a variety of proposed and finalized reporting requirements, some of which impose requirements on private companies.

Developments like these indicate ESG has entered the mainstream and is likely here to stay. From customer conditions to value creation, our latest perspective covers five reasons to suit up and get ready to take ESG action.

  • Value chain asks: Dive deeper around company carbon footprint goals, and sustainability risks and expectations within the private equity environment
  • Federal and state rulemaking: Gain insight into federal and state rulemaking, and learn how companies who contract with the government may find certain rules and regulations important to consider
  • Sustainable investing and SEC rulemaking for registered funds and investment advisers: Catch up on SEC rulemaking and the implications recent updates may have for sustainable investing strategies
  • Regulations for multinationals: Learn more about regulations for multinationals, which may be particularly pertinent for private companies who have operations in the European Union (EU)
  • Value creation: Discover the business value that ESG reporting, ESG investing, and sustainability initiatives within a company’s operations could create and foster

Staying aware of new SEC rules, regulatory requirements, and marketplace developments is just the tip of the iceberg; when it comes to implementing effective ESG reporting strategies, there’s a whole world of approaches to consider.

For more details on the above, download our report.

The business case for ESG reporting for sustainable private companies

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