Private financial markets: The Road to Next

Market trends affecting investor-backed private companies

The Road to Next series explores investment trends defining the private financial markets and covers strategies, liquidity concerns, market dynamics, and more. Our latest edition explores the record-breaking surge in health tech expansion-stage activity this year, which has already seen deal value and count exceed all previous highs. Health tech benefits from a wide array of macro and key market conditions, spanning demographics, the effects of COVID-19, increasing viability of important underlying technologies, and more. Looking forward, if companies within the space continue to mature, dealmaking should remain strong, and liquidity will keep flowing.

Health tech stands poised to help transform healthcare throughout the coming decade

Ongoing digital transformation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising cost of healthcare have pushed expansion-stage dealmaking to new heights. The health tech sector is no exception, enjoying a record-breaking surge with no plans to slow down in 2022.

  • What’s fueling the fire for health tech? In the latest edition of Road to Next, we explore the primary forces driving health tech’s surge in private financial markets, specific industry niches that are benefitting, and where this investment trend is taking us to next year—and beyond.
  • Spotlight on consumer empowerment: We also examine the consumerization of healthcare; health tech’s evolving role in customer loyalty, data privacy, and ownership; and how health tech enterprises can best meet patient demand.

Road to Next: Health tech has arrived

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Health tech is yet another manifestation of how digitization is transforming multiple aspects of operations and models for all businesses.

–Heather Gates, Audit & Assurance Private Growth leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP


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Deloitte and PitchBook have collaborated to produce a distinct methodology and array of data sets in order to answer some of the most pressing questions for venture capital and private equity-backed companies. The Road to Next series focuses on critical issues companies and their backers face, covering liquidity concerns, investor strategies, macroeconomic pressures, important regulations, market dynamics, and more.

In each edition, Deloitte subject-matter specialists discuss the issues dominating industry discussions in the current environment, especially the hurdles that growing companies face as they scale. As new market trends develop, additional themes and data sets will be featured to address potential concerns that private companies may have, whether they are planning to stay private or prepare for a new phase of their journey.

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