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What is Your Career Personality?

by JoAnne Fink, Transition Assistance Coach, Evolving Workforce, Deloitte Services LP

When contemplating a career move, you may wish to incorporate your unique style and preferences into your job search when identifying targets, crafting your brand, and articulating your networking message.  As an experienced Career and Transition Coach, I’d like to expand on that idea.

First of all, you might not know what your preferences are.  One way to identify them is to search for any number of career or personality assessments online. There are many free options and some fee-based where you can enlist the help of a professional coach.  A formal assessment may help you hone in on your innate preferences – in other words, how you ‘walk through life.’ You can review the results and self-reflect on how they might align with your networking strategies and job search as a whole.

As you are searching for your next opportunity, I challenge you to think about the environment that would work best for you.  Extroverts, who get their energy from being around other people, might prefer a job and environment that would place them around other people (in an office) or perhaps on large projects with a lot of people.  A company that thrives on office buzz and interaction might be very appealing to an Extrovert.  However, it might not be so inviting to an Introvert.  Introverts might prefer work environments or tasks that require them to work alone or in a small group.  As an Introvert, I would personally have a difficult time working at a start-up, even though it may be one of the hottest employers out there.  I would find the constant buzz distracting. My Extroverted colleagues, on the other hand, might target start-ups for the very reason I would avoid it.  It’s all about your unique preferences.

Other aspects of personality can influence your career choices.  For instance, those who prefer structure may like to work toward established deadlines, in roles that are clearly defined with little change in expectations or responsibilities.  For those who prefer more spontaneity, an environment with an open-ended structure, fewer hard deadlines and lots of variety (even frequent fire drills!) might feel better to them.  Those who are described as right-brained (seeing the big picture, intuitive) might want to look for positions where they can brainstorm ideas and possibilities. For left-brainers (prefers hard facts, details), a position that relies less on the big picture and more on what’s right in front of them, may be the better choice.

If you are interested in learning more, consider taking one of the many career assessments that are offered – often for free! – online.  Or, consider hiring a professional career coach to team with you on a variety of assessments they have in their arsenal.  No matter what your type or preference, knowing what works for you may help you as you search for your next best opportunity!