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The boomerangs    

Kathleen Merk, on being a boomerang at Deloitte

“When I returned to Deloitte, I felt extremely welcomed and supported. I felt that taking time away to focus on myself personally was seen as a strength, which I don’t think would be the case at other companies,” said Kathleen. She left Deloitte in October 2015 as a senior campus recruiting specialist and returned in July 2016 as a senior resource management specialist in Deloitte Services LP.

The boomerang phenomenon: A growing trend

“At the time, I was looking to pursue personal interests and passions,” said Kathleen. This a growing sentiment shared by many professionals who have returned to Deloitte after a hiatus from the company. This unique set of individuals are known as Boomerangs. A Boomerang refers to an employee who left Deloitte and later returned to the organization. Boomerangs are usually top-performers who leave the company in good standing for a chance to explore other opportunities.

“As a young professional building my career, I had lost sight of what was truly important to me and what I valued.”

Kathleen’s time away allowed her to reflect on what was important to her both personally and professionally. She was able to re-evaluate how she wanted to shape her career, which allowed her to develop more confidence in speaking about her passions. This is the renewed energy and positive outlook that she brings to her work at Deloitte. “I returned with a greater sense of self and felt excited to continue my career at Deloitte.”

Staying connected

“When I left Deloitte, I stayed in touch with many colleagues and managers and leveraged those relationships when applying for new roles,” says Kathleen. “It really came down to the relationships I formed and the ability to drive my career where I wanted it to go.”

The organizational culture, people, familiarity, and knowledge of Deloitte are among the top reasons professionals return to Deloitte.

“Be thoughtful, but follow your gut,” suggests Kathleen. “When you form relationships, and spend time with an organization you are establishing a personal brand; whether you intend to or not. New opportunities come from connections built [so you always want to think about the impact you are making and leaving on a positive note.]"

Colleagues for life

Deloitte recognizes the value that Boomerangs, current, and future professionals bring to the table, and is committed to creating lifelong relationships with their colleagues through programs and resources such as networking and CPE events, business insights, social media, and alumni initiatives. Emphasis is placed on employee engagement even after the working relationship has ended. This leaves a window of opportunity to professionals considering a return.

“It really came down to the relationships I formed and the ability to drive my career where I wanted it to go.”

Learn more about our alumni programs and careers at Deloitte

  • Alumni relations: At Deloitte, we view our alumni as "colleagues for life." Our alumni leverage the power of the Deloitte network all over the world and take advantage of local alumni offerings including events, communications, continuing education, business insights, and more.
  • Alumni events: Whether you’re looking to reconnect with past colleagues or make new connections, we hope you’ll join us at one of the many upcoming alumni events across the nation.
  • Career journeys: Our people and our culture make Deloitte a place where leaders thrive. Get an inside look at the rich diversity of background, education, and experiences of our people.
  • Professional development: You want to make an impact, and we want you to make it. We can help you do that by providing you the culture, training, resources, and opportunities to help you grow and succeed as a professional.

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