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Career Journey: Camille Price

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“For a woman over 50, Deloitte is a great place to work because age doesn't seem to matter. If I want to get involved in cognitive computing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, no one looks at me like, you're too old, why would you want to do that?” — Camille Price, Salt Lake City

Camille's advice to you

Think about what you were doing the last time you looked up and checked the clock and said, ‘Four hours have passed, and I didn't notice it?’ Find a path that engages you and that is aligned with organizational needs … then you have the core of a rewarding career.

Many career turns

Camille might well be the only Deloitte professional licensed to drive an 80,000-pound semitractor trailer carrying hazardous materials. “It’s very nerve wracking,” she says. She learned to drive while designing training programs at a national trucking company.

The opportunity to maneuver a big rig is only one of many turns Camille’s career has taken. The daughter of two teachers, she has a background in education, has coached debate and taught at the university level. She moved to human capital consulting when, she says, “I came across this interesting field called instructional design. And I fell in love with it.”

Here’s a taste of what Camille’s accomplished in that field. She designed courseware for Allen Communication, developed training products for Alamo Learning Systems, built out a highly effective driving program for C.R. England, worked with a startup in Salt Lake City developing sophisticated driving simulators, and directed product development at Zenger Folkman. All before joining Bersin in 2012. Oh, and she has four training-related patents to her name, too.

Over the course of her career much has changed, she notes. “When I started out, we had 14 months to develop a program. Now, if you have 14 days you're lucky.” But also much hasn’t changed: The basic physiology of the human brain and how we learn has changed very little. Sometimes too much hype is given to generational differences. “Millennials don't like boring training. I don't like boring training. Millennials don't like long videos, I don't like long videos. Millennials crave frequent feedback and so do I.”

Supportive colleagues

In December of 2012, Bersin & Associates was acquired by Deloitte Consulting LLP. Shortly after, her life took a tragic turn. “My husband was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer.” Camille went on sabbatical to fulfill a life-long dream of doing community service work together. Camille and her husband worked with a nonprofit that provides an alternative college access program for non-traditional college students. Twelve days into her sabbatical, her husband died. Shockingly, one of her two grown daughters passed away just a few months later.

Amid the turmoil, Camille came to truly appreciate her Deloitte colleagues. The principal leading her group made calls while on vacation to get her husband into a renowned cancer center within days of his being diagnosed. When her husband died, her manager flew out from New York for the funeral and back that same day. Colleagues contributed to an online fund for her daughter’s memorial. Colleagues also helped orchestrate the sabbatical and covered her workload. “The social support I received from Deloitte was amazing.”

Utah and India

When Camille returned, she says she saw it as “a new chapter” for herself. She stepped into a new chapter for Bersin by Deloitte, too. The organization was expanding its product development capability by building a team in India. She said to her boss, “You've worked in India before, it's going to be challenging to bring a new team up to speed quickly without continuous access to experienced staff. Why don't you send me?” He agreed. And Camille found herself on the ground in India helping to build the team there.

Today, Camille splits her time between Salt Lake City and India. “I'm kind of an ambassador, if you will,” she says. A team manager, she is focused on leading practices and performance support materials in HR and learning. “Bersin just completed a global survey on leadership to determine what behaviors distinguish high-impact organizations.”

Proximity to family remains important to Camille. She lives near her daughter and grandchildren and gets to take in school plays, concerts and lacrosse games. She’s also sponsoring a student who’s completed the college prep program she worked on during her sabbatical. The student is now enrolled as a freshman at BYU Idaho. “They use self-directed learning teams,” Camille says. “I think it’s fascinating.” She adds that she’d like to bring the concept to Deloitte. One senses another turn ahead.

Camille’s Deloitte career journey continues. In December 2016, she was asked to move from the Bersin by Deloitte research team to the Client Excellence team as a Bersin Member Advisor specializing in HR technology, analytics, and learning measurement. This move allows Camille to draw upon her knowledge of Bersin research to meet a critical organizational need and aligns with her development goals and passion in technology and cognitive computing.

I love to see the light bulb come on when people make a discovery. I like to see them be more effective and find joy in their work.

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