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Career Journey: Dale Livezey

Eagle Scout. Avid Outdoorsman. Epicurean.

“The first merit badge I earned towards my Eagle Scout was a personal finance merit badge.” — Dale Livezey, Audit Analytics, San Francisco

I’m working in Audit Innovation, where we’re leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities and translating the data we obtain into impactful stories through dynamic visualizations.

Just the right fit

People choose an employer for many reasons. For Dale Livezey, it was knowing he’d be issued his own laptop, packed with cutting-edge software (what was considered “cutting-edge” at the time). Really. He joined Deloitte back in 1998 when not every professional services organization embraced technology and software tools as fully as Deloitte.

In the offer of a laptop, Dale saw the right fit. He saw a means to tap the passion he’d had for technology since he and his college roommate “analyzed operating systems and networks for fun because our school didn’t have computer science.” He saw an organization that may likely embrace innovation and experiment with new ideas, which was important to the young man who loved to paint and had been a child actor. Most important, he saw a culture that attracted the kind of people he’d love working with. Dale saw all of that in the laptop he was handed. And he was right.

Early adopter

Since day one Dale has been a bit of an early adopter. He was among the first auditors in the San Francisco office to learn the file interrogation software tool called Audit Command Language (ACL). Shortly after, he shifted to a role in Risk and Financial Advisory and conducted IT audits around ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Then, it was back to Audit to help train and provide guidance to staff on expanding the use of ACL. In short, Dale leapt into technology. And he still does, today.

“Every company has financial transactions,” he explains. “There was a time when many audits worked in the same way. You obtain a sample of these transactions from the client, you perform audit procedures and analyze the results.” But that’s changing—in part because the range of companies being audited has changed. “Internet companies, for example, often don't have a bunch of physical contracts or shipping documents. There's often no inventory, limited fixed assets, pretty much all there is to audit is data, and there is a LOT of data.”

Storytelling with data

Why not use technology to analyze some of a company’s data, find anomalies, and then investigate those? At the same time, he’s using that same technology to help better visualize the meaning of the data.

“Going beyond analysis to telling a story with data is powerful. With visualization tools, we’re conveying results in a meaningful way that anyone may understand.” Dale has begun applying the model to more industries, and training audit & assurance teams on visualization tools.

He’s even learning to apply the power of artificial intelligence to the audit. “I’m working with the Audit Innovation Team to develop a method of translating the data we obtain from our clients into written stories using artificial intelligence, which can highlight risk areas within a company.” Last November, his team’s idea submission to Deloitte’s internal Audit Innovation Challenge was selected as a finalist and received funding to bring the idea to life.

Live easy

Outside work, Dale could be seen as a bit of an anomaly, himself. Dale has a passion for food, and is an avid participant in the San Francisco restaurant scene. You’ll find him frequenting his next door neighbor’s Michelin Star award winning restaurants. He’s an avid outdoorsman who rents a ski cabin in Tahoe each winter with a group of colleagues, and enjoys hiking and biking throughout open spaces in Northern California. And while his name is pronounced “Liv-Z,” many people call him “Live Easy.” An auditor who goes by Live Easy? That’s an anomaly.

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“Once at Deloitte, you need to build your network. Deloitte is one of the largest professional services organizations in the world with more than 70,000 professionals in the US. I suggest attending any team building event you can—particularly those that are across all of the Deloitte US entities’ businesses … start asking people what they do and how it fits into service offerings. What does Deloitte Consulting LLP do? What’s the S&O practice (Strategy and Operations)? What do Auditors do? You’ll find connections to projects you never imagined, which may lead to broader opportunities on down the road as your experience, industry knowledge, and skillset improve.”

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