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Career Journey: Devon Konikow

Always keep an open mind

“Everyone here on the team is incredibly smart, incredibly hardworking and driven, but we also share a lot of laughs. So, it's just a pleasure to be here with them.” — Devon Konikow, Audit & Assurance, Seattle

The work matters

If you have a foundation of respect with clients, it might make tough conversations easier, because the person knows where you’re coming from.

Great team

The work you do matters. The people you work with matter just as much or more. Devon Konikow knows this well. She started at Deloitte back in 2007 when her cousin, who worked at another of the Big 4 public accounting organizations, submitted her resume to his friend at Deloitte. “I got a call from a Deloitte recruiter, but I didn't even know they had my resume. It went well though. I got the internship.”

Following that, she took a full-time position with Deloitte in Seattle.

“Always say yes to new learnings and challenges. You're going to have a lot of different opportunities thrown your way … working with different teams, working with different people, and working in different industries. Always keep an open mind.”

A boomerang

After a few years, she says, “Being young and naive, I started thinking what else is out there?” She was offered a position with a large technology company in international internal audit. Devon had grown up in a family that traveled internationally, and the opportunity to see the world “on an expense account” while experiencing different business practices and operations appealed to her. She found the pace too slow and left the tech company to take a position with a hedge fund. The culture there didn’t work for her, so with her husband’s support she left the company without a set plan for the future.

Two months later, Devon found her way back to Deloitte as a boomerang. She’s been here since, growing from Audit & Assurance senior to Audit & Assurance manager. Her clients are in various industries, but what she clearly appreciates most is Deloitte’s culture.

“What I realized, being gone [from Deloitte], was that what really makes my job for me is the team I work with–both from a client and internal perspective.”

Becoming a mom

Devon has a baby girl named Ashton. The support she gets from her team and lead client service partner give Devon the ability to be with Ashton, be a mom, and still pursue a career she loves. “I have a flexible schedule.”

Her team is not only supportive, it’s clearly tight-knit. There are the two “fraternity bros who talk about ‘The Bachelor’ and fashion.” There’s the young woman who is “super health conscious and motivated,” which keeps everyone wanting to eat right. There’s the “mellow” former college track athlete who likes cats. And there’s her managing partner and mentor with whom she’s run half-marathons. “You're sitting together for several hours a day during busy season, it’s nice to have people around you that really make that enjoyable.”

Trekking Nepal and giving back

Outside work, Devon is also a people person. She says that her all-time favorite place is Nepal. And though she’s been to Everest Basecamp, it’s not the drama of the landscape that draws her there. “The people are so warm and hospitable, and so generous of spirit. When you fly there, the minute you land at the airport, it just feels like going home.”

Devon just completed a stint on the board of the Junior League of Seattle. She is currently serving on the board of a startup nonprofit—The Beyond Project, an effort by beauty and wellness professionals to help disadvantaged women gain confidence in themselves and break cycles of poverty and abuse.

Full-time audit & assurance manager with eight years of financial services experience. Enjoying the challenge of being a mother, wife, volunteer, friend, runner, and culinary crafter.

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