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Career Journey: John Doran

Social guy. Former University of Notre Dame mascot. Tax professional

"The students at the Leadership Conference were all very nice, approachable people. And I think that speaks to how Deloitte manages its interview process and the way that we hire."—John Doran, Business Tax Services, Chicago.

A leprechaun at heart

John Doran is a social guy. For two years while attending the University of Notre Dame as an accountancy student, he was the official ND mascot—the leprechaun. Yes, green suit, funny hat, red beard (it's real), and apparently a big voice. "I'm a pretty loud kid, in general. If you're watching me (on the field), you can tell that I'm passionate about it," John says.

Turns out, the mascot gig is more than just showing up for games and yelling. John led pep rallies, emceed events, visited hospitals and schools, and opened a lot of letters. Most of them simply addressed to "The Notre Dame Leprechaun." Says John about making appearances as the leprechaun, "I am Notre Dame. I'm representing the University. It's pretty cool to be trusted with that."


John's outgoing nature helped him land at Deloitte, too. At a career fair on campus, John connected with some recent graduates he knew who were working for Deloitte. He decided to apply to the Deloitte National Leadership Conference and was selected.

It was a perfect introduction to the Deloitte culture—three days with students in the same year of study at the Deloitte University campus in Westlake, Texas. He participated in team-building exercises, was inspired by a Paralympian speaker, met Deloitte partners from across the country and just got to know the other participants. "I thought that was pretty interesting to get out of my Notre Dame bubble and meet a ton of new people."

Rolling up his sleeves

Shortly after the conference, John was offered a 10-week, accounting internship in Deloitte's Chicago office. So, the summer after his junior year, he "worked in corporate accounting and got a feel for what it was like." John enjoyed the office's entrepreneurial environment. He was able to learn about a wide range of opportunities. He participated in client meetings, tried different types of accounting and, frankly, just pitched in.

"I knew they were super busy toward the end of the summer, so I did whatever I could to help them out." Once again, being outgoing and willing to tackle new things paid off. Deloitte offered him a job, and he saw no need to apply anywhere else. "The people at Deloitte were just really great."

When asked about that, John speaks to the internship and interview processes. He says that by the third interview, he really gained an understanding of the workload and culture. Through interviewing, "You get to express yourself and then get a feel for what they (the interviewers) think. And I found that people are pretty honest with you about the job."

Focused on the CPA

John started full time in July 2016, in the same office where he interned. He's attended a great deal of training and says that at this point he's really focused on "little goals." First up? His CPA exam. "That'll be a big speed bump out of the way," he adds.

As a Notre Dame alum, John's really happy to be working a short distance from the campus and still gets to as many games as he can. One last note, John's been on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and in the leprechaun suit, no less. Now that's something not too many CPAs can say.

John on what matters

When it comes to the Big Four, a lot of the work is pretty similar. For me, it comes down to knowing that I'll be working a lot of hours at points of the year with these people. I have to be comfortable with them.

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