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Career Journey: Maggie Fletcher

Connecting teams, clients, and communities

“In the Public Sector, our clients are tasked to protect and serve their communities. But at a very basic level, these organizations still need to know how to pay their employees, optimize their performance, and adjust to market pressures, much like any business.” — Maggie Fletcher, Consulting, Arlington

When looking for my first career, I wanted to surround myself with highly intelligent and motivated individuals who cared about the world around them. It sounds silly, but this sense of community within and outside of the workplace was so important. From my first interview, I knew Deloitte was the place for me.

All in the family

On her first day at Deloitte, Maggie showed up 45 minutes early with a coffee in each hand. “One to drink until everyone else arrived, and a fresh cup for the meeting,” she says. The meeting was Welcome to Deloitte-Day 1. Suffice to say, Maggie was ready to roll. Within a month she was working on a cross-discipline project supporting the Department of Defense and totally hooked on government work.

But perhaps that’s not surprising. Maggie was raised not far from the Beltway in Middleburg, Virginia. Her father was a career consultant, after serving as an Army Captain in the Vietnam War. His father served, too. In fact, someone has served in every generation of Maggie’s family since the Revolutionary War. Maggie herself was accepted to the Air Force Academy, but opted for a nonmilitary education, graduating from The College of William and Mary.

Designing and leading labs

Though she didn’t serve in the military, Maggie does feel close to the public sector mission. Currently, she supports an intelligence community client, designing and leading labs to solve efficiency and productivity challenges. Sessions include breakout work, role-playing, consensus building, presenting, and voting. “People tend to think better when they’re on a team and there’s a little competition at play,” she says. Following the sessions, Maggie’s team generates in-depth reports to help guide solution activation.

She says that intelligence agencies have an imperative to achieve their missions in the face of constrained, and in some cases shrinking, resources. Concentrated team problem-solving helps reveal strategic options for dealing with business constraints, be they hiring freezes, budget cuts or changes in mission need.

Supporting veterans

In addition to supporting her clients, Maggie serves the veteran community through Deloitte. As the Greater Washington Area Business Resource Group Chapter President, she helps connect and provide resources for over 525 Deloitte veterans, executing over 30 community events in the last year alone. In addition, she is highly involved with local Adaptive Sports Clinics, helped to design and execute the 2014 and 2015 Warrior Games, and volunteers privately with the United Services Organization (USO).

Her work with veterans has been central to Maggie’s personal and professional development. The interest began when she volunteered as a resume coach at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a group of wounded and injured service members. On her first day, she was paired with a marine who had lost a leg, and some functionality in his right arm due to an IED explosion in Afghanistan. His original plan had been to become a chef. He wanted to be able to hold his daughter, and support his wife, and in that moment every single one of those dreams appeared unattainable. While she knew very little about being a chef, spouse, or parent, she had just spent the better part of a year becoming an “expert” in applying and interviewing for jobs.

Afterward she wasn’t sure the volunteer project was right for her. Although rewarding, the classroom environment was stressful, awkward, and not well received: “I was entirely overwhelmed.” But rather than quit, Maggie chose to work with the head of the Deloitte program to make the programs more interactive. It was her first taste of learning how to more effectively engage people; the work she now delivers to her clients.

Building connections

According to Maggie, her success at Deloitte has largely been driven by the network of support that she has built. Immediately after joining Deloitte, she accepted a leadership role within the William and Mary Alumni Network and joined communities of practice around Facilitation and Shared Services. By taking full advantage of firm communities and building strong peer connections, she feels comfortable asking for help. “By allowing yourself to connect with your coworkers on a personal level, you develop relationships and teams that are so much stronger.”

At work, Maggie spends a lot of time inside big, formal government buildings. She enjoys the opposite when she’s not on the job. “I'm a runner, and I live near a couple of great trails,” she says. She also loves to cook. A friend turned her on to a service that delivers ingredients for meals to her door: “It's nice to be able to pick all of the recipes ahead of time, and then just get a box of all of the ingredients I need to make it.” Hey, there has to be something Maggie isn’t facilitating.

"I really love the network that I have built. The colleagues that I met on my first day come from different schools, cities, backgrounds, and walks of life. But over the past four years, they have become my team members, my champions, and my closest friends."

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