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Career Journey: Parrish Ivy

Unassuming. Unflappable. The tax professional clients ask for by name.

Parrish Ivy tells it straight. He chose Deloitte because he needed a job, and “they were the ones hiring.” That posture of humility has stayed with him, even as he’s developed a reputation for excellence, taken on more roles than he can count, and become a partner at Deloitte.

I know I’m not saving the world. My wife works at a hospital; she saves lives. But I do get to have an impact on my clients as they look to ways to provide people with jobs earning better wages and enjoy better lives. That means a lot to me.

— Parrish Ivy, partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

Start by showing up

Parrish joined Deloitte after serving in the US Air Force and then going back to school for his bachelor’s and law degrees. He came into the organization as a tax professional, not really sure what to expect or where it would lead. But he was thankful for the job, and he appreciated the chance to try on a variety of roles before finding his “real” career. While Parrish might not have had the vision for what would come, it wasn’t long before his colleagues and clients began seeking his well-honed experience and natural instincts for their complex tax matters.

Quarterback of engagements

Emerging as a multistate tax specialist meant that Parrish began taking on his clients’ most pivotal tax assignments. He advised C corporations, partnerships, and LLCs through acquisitions and divestments, exploring and pursuing credits and incentives, analyzing potential exposure, and more. With every situation he gained insight that solidified his reputation as a go-to within Tax. Today Parrish works like a “quarterback of engagements,” talking with clients, understanding their needs, and then pulling in various subject matter specialists from around the vast Deloitte network of member firms. And all the while he’s focused on his clients earning credit in the eyes of their bosses, not on kudos for himself. 

When something has to get done, ask the busiest person you know

That quality of deflecting attention is likely one of many that Parrish’s time in the Air Force honed in him. He also gained the resilience, structure, and discipline to keep from being overwhelmed no matter the task(s) at hand. It’s why he adroitly handles not only his main role, but also excels at business development and growing the people on his team. It doesn’t stop there, though. Parrish serves as inclusion leader of his practice, spends time recruiting, and speaks regularly to students. He’ll never admit it, but Parrish’s realm of influence is wide—and he gains more fans by the day.

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