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Career Journey: Ricky Vazquez De Lara

The intersection of accounting, robotics automation … and comedy

Ricky Vazquez De Lara thought about becoming an engineer, and even an astronaut at one point. Ultimately, as a tax technology professional, he found the unique blend of versatility, challenge, and relationships.

I like to say I’m a chameleon. I can geek out with the technology folks, or I can geek out with the tax folks. I’m both. I love that my job bridges both business areas, and that I can keep people laughing all along the way.

— Ricky Vazquez De Lara, senior, Deloitte Tax LLP

Continuing to add value for our clients

Ricky considers it a success when he and his team design and implement a solution that improves a client’s business. For instance, implementing a solution that automates manual, inefficient tasks required in corporate taxation for a client. Plain and simple, his job is to make clients’ lives, and tax departments, more effective. The first step is assessing the information streams an organization currently has in place. That’s where they find patterns and redundancies that create inefficiencies and prevent the client's employees from adding value elsewhere. Next is iterative cycles of building and testing, until they develop the solution suited to address the client’s facts and circumstances. Ricky is especially excited about cognitive learning in tax—using technology to identify trends, analyze them, and report out in a way that offers the company’s tax professionals useful insight from the whole process.

Did you hear the one about…

“As you can tell, I’m shy.” And so Ricky jokes about his reputation for keeping the team entertained, and his clients, too. Now that he and his colleagues have worked together on a number of engagements, they’ve discovered and leverage each other’s specialties. Ricky’s is more than antics—he’s the one who can break the ice with clients when necessary, plus he’s tapped to lead presentations and trainings for groups of all sizes. He considers the role a perfect match for his love of technology, his thirst for constant learning, and his desire for camaraderie with his co-workers.

True fulfillment

For Ricky, Deloitte has offered a benefit that he didn’t initially anticipate through the enrichment and fulfillment he has found through our Inclusion focus. “The technology is cool. It’s new tools, robotics, machine learning, but it’s all going to evolve and change. If I can touch someone’s life as part of my job, I’d be fulfilled at that point.” He’s pursuing that by getting involved in diversity and inclusion projects in his office, inspired by a partner who once saw Ricky’s potential and made sure he did too. Ricky’s now in the position to help lift others while he climbs, and you can bet he’s doing that.

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