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Career Journey: Winta Habteslassie

Paying it forward, from the very start

Winta Habteslassie remembers what it was like to be in the dark about her future. She had ambition and education, but a limited view of what she could do in the real world. Enter some influential mentors and a Deloitte internship, and the rest is history … in the making.

When I was younger, I didn’t even know this work existed. I didn’t know what Deloitte was about or what professional services meant. Now I get to tell 7th and 8th graders, ‘Look at all these amazing opportunities available to you!'

— Winta Habteslassie, Audit & Assurance-in-Charge, Audit & Assurance, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Academics meet experience

In her fourth year at Deloitte, Winta is working in audit & assurance and learning business inside and out. Her focus is in financial services, having started by working with a client on the west coast. From day one, she began deepening her technical skills pertaining to audit—but also discovered her aptitude for building relationships with colleagues at all levels. Now that she’s gained confidence in using the accounting knowledge she learned in school, she relishes the chance to look deeper into businesses.

A proud ambassador

After receiving approval from Deloitte leadership, Winta transferred from the Los Angeles office to San Francisco. She points out that the move was remarkably easy (and fast!), thanks to the organization’s support. With that move, she took on new assignments—as a senior, she guides and supervises first- and second-year audit & assurance professionals— a favorite aspect of her job. Encouraging and guiding less experienced team members comes naturally to Winta, who’s always been keyed into what the people around her need. She also gets to display this same skill in her volunteering efforts with a career program geared for middle school students. She loves opening their eyes to futures beyond becoming a doctor or lawyer, and enjoys educating them about the many exciting opportunities at Deloitte. Without someone having done the same for her, she believes she wouldn’t have found herself thriving like she is today.  

Swimming with the big fish

For Winta, there’s plenty to be excited about these days. Her favorite project is her most recent one working on a venture fund client. It motivates her to stay plugged in to the news and industry publications, and feel like “Hey, I’m part of that!” For this first-generation college graduate, the chance to be in the thick of the business world and to share her fascination with others is a dream come true.

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