Career journeys: Meet our technology professionals


Continuous learning. Collegial. Collaborative. Constantly innovating. If that is how you would describe your ideal workplace culture, consider this: those are words our own professionals use to describe Deloitte. Much, if not all, of that perception comes from our commitment to supporting our people’s professional growth.

If you are like many of the experienced professionals we talk with, you are looking for the chance to grow through trying new assignments and learning new skills. Here you will have the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop through experiencing all that Deloitte has to offer. From the size and type of our clients and projects, to the diversity of areas and industries we are involved in, there are few places that can offer you access to as many opportunities.

Meet some of our technology professionals and see how they have grown their skills at Deloitte.

Make “your team” mean more than the people you work with.

Growing your network can be as important as growing your career. Our entrepreneurial approach to professional services and to teams gives you the space and opportunity to grow both. A wide array of active business, industry and affinity groups, as well as local or regional groups, can help you find others who share your interests and broaden your perspectives. And you can naturally connect with people outside your teams due to our collaborative work style.

You will have individual growth opportunities as well, through being intentionally connected with people who can give you advice and their experiences to help you flourish. Our approach to mentorship gives our people—no matter the stage of their career—the opportunity to speak to, learn from, and express thoughts one on one with more seasoned professionals who can give advice and help create additional connections.