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Deloitte’s subsidiaries in the US serve more than 85 percent of US Fortune 500 companies, and member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited collectively serve approximately 70 percent of the Fortune Global (FG) 500 companies. Across our business areas we serve every major industry and sector. In many cases, it’s this deep industry-by-industry experience that separates us from our competition.

Consumer & industrial products

Perhaps disruption has become a bit of a buzzword, but there are few places it is more fitting than in consumer and industrial products—where game changers like mass online retail, autonomous vehicles, robotic process automation, tech adoption, and global complexity spawn and kill business models, seemingly moment to moment. Deloitte is at the forefront of these issues. We provide integrated services to clients across the entire value chain—from raw materials to the end consumer. And that, in turn, creates careers of impact for professionals like you.

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Energy & resources

Scarcity, population growth, market forces, cultural norms, security, technology transformation—it all influences our work in oil and gas, power and utilities, and renewables. Certainly that creates dynamic career opportunities across Deloitte’s service offerings, but our work here also creates the opportunity for impact on public health and prosperity, the modernization and security of infrastructure, and the direction civilization takes on a host of planet-shaping issues. 

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Federal government

Missions vary across the government, but the stakes don’t. When you work in or for the US government, you’re shaping the technology, services, and systems responsible for the safety, wellness, and prosperity of the American people. Deloitte provides a range of consulting and advisory services that aim to help federal agencies and programs achieve these complex and important missions. And we do that work for all 15 cabinet-level agencies, as well as for many of our country’s most vital programs. Professionally speaking, that creates opportunities to address big, complex challenges. Personally speaking, it creates the best of benefits—pride.

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Financial services

Banking and securities, insurance, and investment management are foundational elements of the US economy. From the leading-edge adoption of blockchain and cloud to implementing systems for regulatory compliance and fraud prevention, Deloitte is a go-to provider for the financial sector with the rare breadth, depth, and global footprint to help the largest multinational banks, investment funds, and insurers succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. It creates career opportunities that are as vital as they are challenging.  

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Life sciences & health care

Rapid innovation, increased competition, regulatory uncertainty, and a host of other issues shape health-related businesses. Amid that, how do leading health care, pharma, research, and medical device companies look after their own health? Many tap Deloitte to help them understand the needs of their patients, manage risk of every kind, and turn uncertainty to their advantage. Naturally, that creates career opportunities across Deloitte’s breadth of services, opportunities that not only impact our people’s lives, but life in general.

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Public sector

States and municipalities play a vital role in managing and developing public programs—from health care and transportation to education and social safety nets to natural resources and utility infrastructure. The consulting and advisory work we do at Deloitte helps our public sector clients improve the efficacy of those programs by transforming how they’re delivered. From technology to talent to strategy, that work creates a range of opportunities with the ability to make an impact every day.

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Technology, media, & telecommunications

Welcome to the leading, speeding edge of pretty much everything—communication, connection, entertainment, and community. Companies in this space are rapidly reinventing business through technologies like VR, AR, robotics, in-memory computing, and so on, even as they continually reinvent themselves. It’s no small feat. That’s why many turn to Deloitte to help them attract the talent of the future, make sense of IoT data, develop insight-driven M&A strategies, transform through cloud, and more. If you want a career with the power to influence everything, this is your thing.

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