MBA Technology Innovation Challenge

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MBA Technology Innovation Challenge

Pursuing meaningful breakthroughs requires an appetite for risk and a tolerance for failure

As our clients confront critical business issues and disruptive forces in their industries, they turn to Deloitte to help them construct innovative solutions that could help give them a competitive edge.

Technological change is accelerating at an exponential rate, putting extremely powerful technologies in the hands of small and nimble teams. This reality creates extraordinary opportunities to revolutionize business models and achieve potentially significant growth trajectories.

Pursuing meaningful breakthroughs requires an appetite for risk and a tolerance for failure.  At a time when innovation has become imperative to progress, many large corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to achieve. Internal bureaucracy and cultural issues tend to stifle the execution of billion dollar ideas.

We plan to collaborate with a different client each year to sponsor this Challenge.  The Fall 2013 inaugural MBA Technology Innovation Challenge was sponsored by Deloitte and Target. Teams of MBA students from across the country were invited to participate and were posed the question, “If you were a Target executive, how would you disrupt your own business model to compete in today’s retail environment?”

MBA students were given two weeks to develop strategies and pitch their ideas via 3-5 minute video submissions.


First year full-time student in an MBA program

How to apply

Each participating school team will share application details in the fall for their local case competition.

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