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NextGen Leaders Program

Build high performance leadership skills

It's your career. Are you ready to accelerate it? Prepared to work with mentors and coaches who know how to stay ahead of the latest trends in business? Looking to build high performance leadership skills? And capable of bringing new ideas and a unique perspective to every assignment? Then the NextGen Leaders Program at Deloitte may be right for you. It can help you get more from your skills, talent, and education.

Finding your personal path to growth and success takes a sound education. That's why, when you become a part of the NextGen Leaders Program, we'll help with your tuition. Depending on your year in school, participants would be eligible for a scholarship ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, receive an offer for an internship, or even full time employment!  Tuition assistance combined with experiences are avenues that we can help you unleash your true potential.

Learn from a demonstrated leader.

We'll assign you a mentor who knows our organization and our clients' businesses. This experienced leader can give you powerful insight into our collaborative culture as well as the issues and challenges our clients face, and can help you develop your own strategies for growth. You'll also be introduced to peers and industry and thought leaders. So you can share your ideas and begin building your own broad network of professionals—the people who can help you customize your career and achieve your goals.

1. Eligibility

This program is offered to freshmen through seniors interviewing with Deloitte for an internship or full-time employment.

  • Strong academic performance: 3.3 cumulative GPA strongly preferred
  • STEM and accounting majors preferred
  • A strong interest to start a career in professional services
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and team-building abilities
  • Creativity and self-confidence


2. How to learn more

Deloitte selects smart, high-quality students from top colleges and universities across the United States. When interviewing for an internship or full-time position with Deloitte, ask your campus recruiter to learn more about this program. Check out our interactive campus map to find us on campus.  

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