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Alumni Spotlight: Audrey Arbeeny

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"My colleagues at Deloitte have become my biggest mentors and largest support system, and I will continue to look to them to help me navigate my career." - Audrey Arbeeny, MBA student, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management

About Audrey

Audrey Arbeeny joined Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice as a Business Analyst - Human Capital in 2010 out of the Chicago office. Over the course of four years, she focused on change management and communications, organizational design, and cultural transformation partnering with seven clients across a variety of industries and functions.  She quickly discovered her passion for driving cultural transformation and assisting organizations to define their vision and values.  Audrey has been able to leverage the skills and capabilities learned at Deloitte to further her aspiration to create cultural change through brand management—at Deloitte and beyond.  She is currently pursuing an MBA at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management through Deloitte's Graduate School Assistance Program (GSAP).

Audrey Arbeeny

Q&A with Audrey

Why did you choose to join Deloitte out of undergrad?

The people. They stand in a class of their own. The humility, drive, intellect, and spirit of Deloitte leaders have pushed me to be a better teammate, leader, and individual. While the work was fascinating and challenging, it was the mentors, peers, and life-long friends that I made along the way who undoubtedly and unequivocally left a mark on my life. My colleagues at Deloitte have become my biggest mentors and largest support system, and I will continue to look to them to help me navigate my career.


What was your focus at Deloitte?

As an analyst, I actively pursued different types of projects, industries, and functions in order to expand my skill set.  My focus was ultimately refined as I gained exposure to certain types of projects. I became captivated by culture transformations and after one project in Fargo, North Dakota, I sought out additional cultural assessment opportunities. That type of work helped me uncover an interest I had in marketing and brand management, which I have come to Kellogg to explore further. I completed three cultural transformation projects while at Deloitte and found each project to be unique, analytically driven, and strategic.  


How did Deloitte’s GSAP and business school preparation resources prepare you for acceptance into your graduate school?

Deloitte invests a tremendous amount in preparing its professionals for the business school application process and business school, which emphasizes how much Deloitte values the development of its people. However, the greatest resources were my numerous Deloitte managers and teammates, who would discuss career goals with me, review my essays, offer business school program advice, help me prioritize work/test prep, or offer encouragement at overwhelming times. Deloitte wants its employees to be successful in and outside of work. When I got the call from Kellogg, I walked into my Deloitte team room with the good news and immediately was inundated with warmth and cheers. I could not have chosen a better way to celebrate than with the people who helped me get where I am today.


What differences have you noticed between yourself and your fellow MBA students that you would attribute to your Deloitte experience?

The cultures of Deloitte and Kellogg are very similar, which is why I was so drawn to Kellogg. Both organizations value relationships and collaboration and empower you to assume a great deal of ownership. My experiences at Deloitte have enabled me to influence others, drive towards solutions, and consistently deliver results. At my current internship, I am using the skills that I have honed over my career at Deloitte to solve an ambiguous business problem.  I have grown comfortable with abstruse problems and now feel confident and capable of delivering a data-driven tactical solution with a strategic mindset.


Audrey’s Journey

2006 – 2010
BSBA, Washington University in St. Louis

2010 – 2012
Business Analyst - Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2012 – 2014
Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2014 – 2016
MBA, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management (GSAP)

2015 – Now
Intern, Brand Management, Wrigley

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