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Career Journey: Becca Kirby

Life in the fast lane

“I went to Deloitte University my second week and what stuck with me was how much Deloitte really cares about our personal growth and learning. I have never seen a company invest so much in their employees.” — Becca Kirby, senior consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Fast-paced lifestyle

Becca Kirby graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business. Perhaps more interesting, she was among one of the first University of Michigan students to minor in Community Action and Social Change. After interning in the non-profit arena for The Alzheimer’s Association and a few other non-profits, she then went to Wall Street, taking an internship and ultimately a position with Goldman Sachs in New York. She worked in global compensation and helped manage the firm’s compensation system. “I thought it would be beneficial to work in the corporate world and ultimately use that experience to help a non-profit one-day.”

Becca joined Deloitte after moving to Chicago in July of 2014. Becca saw the move to consulting as a way to work on diverse projects, travel, and amp up the “fast-paced lifestyle” she enjoyed.

She hit the ground running. “I was staffed fairly quickly, which was exciting.” Like most consultants at Deloitte, Becca travels outside her home city, spending three or four days a week on site with her client. Her first project had her traveling to Omaha to work for a large healthcare provider that was transforming multiple disparate entities into a fully integrated clinical enterprise system. Becca’s team helped to create a job architecture framework for the new enterprise by standardizing job descriptions across the institutions, aligning compensation strategies, and recommending ways to improve efficiencies through human resource management.


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Becca’s advice to you

“Be persistent. When prepping for your interview, make sure to do your research and figure out your ideal position.  Try and find someone who works in the group and talk to them so that you can really learn what a day in the life is like.”


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Social impact

At Deloitte, Becca has also found ways to feed her desire for social impact. For example, Becca volunteers as a mentor to a Chicago public school student through Deloitte’s Women's Initiative Network (WIN). “I am trying to get involved and give back to the local community,” she says. She’s also planning to help organize an Impact Day event and hopes to get involved in projects that create positive social change.

Beyond that, Becca has already felt what it means to work for a company that truly cares about its people. It happened when she visited Deloitte University for training. “I went my second week and what stuck with me was how much Deloitte really cares about our personal growth and learning. I have never seen a company invest so much in their employees.” It confirmed not only her decision to work at Deloitte, but her choice of career in general. Companies can give back to communities and be agents of social change.

A few more things about Becca. She is a University of Michigan Wolverines football fan. In fact, her family dog is named after a Michigan football player. She “loves the charm of mid-western cities like Omaha” and is happy to be closer to her roots in the Midwest. She relieves stress by running, though she claims not to be all that fast. She likes mint chocolate chip ice cream. And at the posting of this bio, her work space in Chicago remains undecorated, something her team members give her a fair amount of grief about.

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#Becca in 140-Characters or Less

"Type A integrator and aspiring world traveler with a passion for corporate social responsibility."


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