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“I think about my path, and it is so wild and jagged and not what I expected it to be. That is the beauty of it. I don’t think that there is one right path. Take advantage of opportunities as they are presented. Take a break. Your path may not be clear to you now, but you are going to get from point A to the end, and it is all going to make sense one day. Enjoy the journey.”— Bethany Ewing, Paris France, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Francophile with Kentucky roots takes up with technology consulting

Bethany Ewing is a Technology Consultant who majored in — wait for it — French. In fact, during her senior year she spent a few months in Paris on a study abroad project. “I got college credit to go around Paris and take pictures and write what was probably terrible poetry in French.” By her own description, Bethany’s career path to tech consulting was “wild and jagged,” not what she expected. It didn’t involve going to graduate school or getting an MIS degree. No, Bethany learned on the fly.

Her first exposure to consulting came shortly after graduating college when landed a job with a small firm, where she was trained in sales and consulted on sales methodology. From there, she moved to D.C. to work in sales for a modular construction company. She was asked to help with an internal integration. It became clear that Bethany had an aptitude for it. Her boss asked her if she’d be willing to focus on Salesforce full time. “That was really one of those defining moments where you go left or you go right,” Bethany says. She adds that had she gone the other direction she would never have ended up at Deloitte.

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Bethany’s Key to Success

“In a strange way, I feel that a foreign language major prepared me very well. It teaches you to translate and interpret, and those are things I do every day in my job.”

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A consultant working and playing hard in Paris

Today, two jobs and some nine years after her decision to dive into integration, Bethany provides services for Salesforce for Deloitte clients. Her focus is financial services, where she loves the challenge of supporting digital transformation in the banking and insurance sectors by tackling questions like, what will the bank branch of the future look like? “Day to day I talk quite a bit and I listen a lot. Now that I am a Senior Manager, I am focused on building, maintaining, and growing relationships with my clients.

Much of that requires Bethany to operate at a 40,000-foot level — understanding and analyzing requirements, aligning to budgets, assessing client capacity and linking it all to what itself can do. She compares the job to that of a translator. “I try to acclimate to the client’s culture. I interpret what I hear in leadership interviews to figure out what they want to accomplish and I translate that into the technology realm.”

All of those translation skills are currently being tested as Bethany has been tapped for a two-year global assignment in Paris. It comes on the heels of a resource summit in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the summit was to understand how member firms worldwide could better collaborate and increase Deloitte’s global footprint in the marketplace. “Having exposure to leadership at that global level developing strategies, brainstorming and debating was incredible.” One summit outcome was a commitment to sharing talent across borders. Bethany’s deep experience with and her ability to speak French made her an ideal choice.

When not working, Bethany loves traveling, exploring her new neighborhood in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, cooking, and throwing dinner parties. She is a self-proclaimed unofficial ambassador to her hometown of Louisville, KY, and loves educating French friends on the magic of the Kentucky Derby and the merits of good bourbon. Who knows; now that she is back in Paris she may even take up French poetry again. Talk about coming full circle, n’est pas?

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Paris-based travel enthusiast who loves to laugh with friends. Francophile with KY roots and a staunch focus on building, growing, and maintaining relationships.

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