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Career Journeys: Meet our Human Capital professionals

Our people and our culture make Deloitte a place where leaders thrive. Get an inside look at the rich diversity of background, education, and experiences of our Human Capital professionals.

Human Capital

Deloitte’s consulting practice helps organizations take decisive action and achieve sustainable results by providing strategic, financial, operational, human capital, and IT services.

Meet some of our Human Capital professionals:

Janaiya Johnson, manager

"You are not growing unless you are a little uncomfortable. It can be intimidating to accept more and new responsibilities but I’ve learned that when people give you more things to do…it’s a good indication that you are doing a good job."

Meet Janaiya

Janaiya Johnson

Jillian McGhan, manager

"There is always a new challenge to confront, always some new endeavor to tackle. And that's what really drew me toward the consulting world, specifically government consulting."

Meet Jillian

Jillian McGhan

Becca Portney, consultant

“I went to Deloitte University my second week and what stuck with me was how much Deloitte really cares about our personal growth and learning. I have never seen a company invest so much in their employees.”

Meet Becca

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Becca Portney

Laura Poindexter, senior manager

“I actually got an undergraduate degree in chemistry and out of undergrad was a formulation chemist. Turned out, it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and got my MBA at Emory. I was super scared when I left chemistry, but you have to take a step back and think about what you thrive on or are passionate about.”

Meet Laura

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Laura Poindexter

Camille Price, senior manager

"For a woman over 50, Deloitte is a great place to work because age doesn't seem to matter. If I want to get involved in cognitive computing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things, no one looks at me like, you're too old, why would you want to do that?"

Meet Camille

Camille Price

Rajeev Ranjan, manager

“If I have learned something, it is because someone has taught me.”

Meet Rajeev

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Rajeev Ranjan

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