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Ingrid Gonzalez

Traveling, dancing, consulting–is there anything more to life?

“What I like most about Deloitte is the spirit of collaboration, the certainty that you can reach out to a colleague and get a response back knowing that they are going to do their best to help out. I really enjoyed establishing my network because I like working in teams.”—Ingrid Gonzalez, Rossyln, manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

From software engineer to financial process improvement guru

Havana, Milan, Miami, Philadelphia, Mexico City—that’s the route Ingrid Gonzalez took to becoming a manager at Deloitte. She grew up in Havana (“Naturally I have a passion for dancing”), was accepted to the University of Milan in Italy, worked at the Milan Institute of Technology as a software engineer for a few years, and then came to the University of Miami to get her MBA.

Post-graduation, she was recruited to Deloitte and began consulting on financial processes improvement projects in a variety of industries.

In my first two years at Deloitte, I had already gained experience working in the financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and oil and gas industries.

Soon she was assigned to a project that suited her personal trajectory. The project was a master data management implementation for an international retailer, part of a global finance transformation initiative. It took her to Mexico. “I speak Spanish and could work locally, interfacing with the global team.” She excelled at the assignment.

Her next project for a large IT company located in the Silicon Valley proved to be a true professional watershed. The project was complex and highly demanding and she was asked to step up and take additional responsibility. The challenge made it particularly rewarding. “At the end of the year we had a much improved financial close and consolidation landscape at the organization,” she says.

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Ingrid’s key to success:

“I love the projects we work on at Deloitte. We help solve complex problems at large organizations.”

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Coaching, motivating, and giving back

Ingrid is also active in Deloitte’s community education efforts. For Impact Day, she worked with Latino immigrants in Philadelphia. “I thought I could bring a lot of experience into the interview process and really coach them.” Turns out, they taught her nearly as much. “When I asked ‘What is your aspiration?’  The response was, ‘To have a job.'” This was in stark contrast to her immigration experience—moving to the US to go to business school. She realized how fortunate she’d been, and shifted from coaching to motivation, encouraging them that the possibilities were limitless.

Recently, Ingrid was assigned to a new project in Mexico. In fact, she’s moved to Mexico City with her husband and 18-month-old twin sons, David and Alan. She says that Mexico City is different than Cuba in many ways, and that the sprawling city can be hard to navigate, yet she connects easily with the culture. “People are very friendly and approachable.”

Ingrid is a natural dancer. She particularly likes salsa, but says she will dance to most anything. “I like to understand the culture of countries through their most traditional music.” Ingrid also likes to travel. She goes back to Cuba to visit family and, of course, her career has taken her around Europe and North America. “I used to dream of having a job traveling and I got it at Deloitte.” Dream job, new family, international assignments…no wonder she’s dancing.

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#Ingrid in 140 characters or less

“Lots of aspirations, appreciates freedom and independence, values modesty and honesty, loves time with family and talking endlessly with old-time friends.”

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