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Alumni Spotlight: Jia Li Lok Pratt

Education and non-profit professional

"I have always had a passion for education as it has made such a transformational impact on my life." - Jia Li Lok Pratt, managing director, KIPP Through College, KIPP Chicago

About Jia

Jia Li Lok Pratt joined Deloitte Consulting LLP as a Business Analyst - Human Capital in 1998 and is currently the Managing Director of KIPP Through College at KIPP Chicago. Her involvement in various education organizations throughout her career, in addition to her experience as an analyst at Deloitte, helped launch her career to where it is today. Jia’s current role focuses on a KIPP approach to help eliminate the opportunity gap between students from high and low income communities. She oversees KIPP Through College counselors and advisors in KIPP Chicago schools to do whatever it takes to support over 1,000 students as they navigate high school, prepare for college entry, and work hard on their journey through college.

Jia Li Lok Pratt

Q&A with Jia

How have the skills you learned at Deloitte help you prepare for your current role?

My role as a Business Analyst - Human Capital provided a foundation for me to become a great manager and leader. Throughout my two years as an analyst at Deloitte, I gained all of the fundamentals to build a successful career. Not only did I learn how to be a top-notch professional, but also how to pay attention to detail. I consistently learned from the best of the best and gained valuable experience while staffed on a variety of projects. Expectations for analysts are high, but it was a fantastic learning experience rising to the challenge along the way. Ultimately, as I came into different roles throughout my career, I always took the skillsets I learned at Deloitte with me. 


How did you get involved in your current career?

I have always had a passion for education as it has made such a transformational impact on my life. My sister and I were the first to go to and graduate from college in my family, so it was clear my life trajectory would be different because of my pursuit for higher education. I see education as a tool for transformation, particularly for people of color and low-income families. I always thought that if I can help enhance the public education system, then I can be a part of a larger solution. 

It’s not always easy to make a jump from consulting to the education industry, especially at the program-level. However, the skills I learned while in the Human Capital practice at Deloitte helped prepare me immensely for my future roles and responsibilities. While at the KIPP Foundation as a School Support Manager, I helped start-up KIPP schools establish their back-office operations, such as determining their organizational design and Human Resources platform. When I came to KIPP Chicago as the Chief Development Officer, I put my client service skills to work, supporting our fundraising efforts by developing plans, delivering against the plans, and engaging donors and community stakeholders. In my current role as the Managing Director of KIPP Through College at KIPP Chicago, I lead a team that provides intensive academic and social support to KIPP students and alumni from 7th grade through college graduation. Ultimately, it’s about finding a career that fits your passion and leverages your skillsets.


What was your focus while at Deloitte?

I focused on a few different areas within Human Capital while at Deloitte, including technology adoption, organizational design and talent, with a focus in the Retail sector. However, outside of my client work, I served on the board of a local KIPP school to stay active in the education world.  


Jia’s Journey

1994 - 1997
BS, Cornell University

1997 - 1998
Project Director, World of Difference Institute

1998 - 2000
Business Analyst - Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2000 - 2002
MBA, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management (GSAP)

2000 - 2001
Intern, Chicago Public Schools

2002 - 2005
Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2005 - 2006
School Support Manager, KIPP Foundation

2006 - 2008
Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2008 - 2010
Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

2010 - 2012
Chief Development Officer, KIPP Chicago

2012 - Present
Managing Director. KIPP Through College, KIPP Chicago


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