Pierre Yapo

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Pierre Yapo

Diversity advocate and workout fanatic

"On my first day I was completely nervous. I think the organization really showed me how to be myself. That you are genuine and you don't take yourself too seriously, that is respected here.” —Pierre Yapo, Consultant, Deloitte Tax LLP

Valuing diversity

Pierre Yapo is a tax consultant who values diversity. “When you are presenting to a client or a partner, they may say, “Why didn't you think of this or that angle?” The key to preventing that second guessing is to get many people involved, to thoroughly think through the challenge and consider the ideas of others. “In a work environment, you realize the importance of getting another perspective.”

That Pierre would value perspective is not surprising. He traveled abroad extensively growing up. When he was offered a global internship at Deloitte, he jumped at the chance, “They sent me to Brazil for that.” Those experiences have expanded his thinking and increased his respect for how business is done around the world. And what he’s seen makes him appreciate what he’s been able to do as the son of immigrant parents here in the US. “It really makes me feel fortunate to have these opportunities.”

Before taking his first internship at Deloitte, Pierre interviewed with several firms. “I found that all the Big Four have similar services.” For Pierre the deciding factor was the people. “It is very cliché but it's the truth. I felt that the people at Deloitte were extremely genuine.” That first internship led to two more including the global internship. He was officially offered a full time position in January of 2014. Today, as you might guess, Pierre is in the international tax practice.


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Pierre’s advice to you

“You don't know that you don't like something until you try it. I came in knowing that I wanted to do financial services. But now that I started and I am working on manufacturing, consumer products, entertainment, construction … I see these are actually pretty cool industries.”


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Global perspective

 “Day to day, a lot of my work involves communicating with international (Deloitte) offices and with the client as well.” He is a tax consultant, and as such, he works hard to make things easier and more efficient for those around him. He makes himself available to “whoever and whenever.” The international nature of his job has already led to some funny moments, like the time a tax partner in London kept talking about “nil liability.” Between the unfamiliar accent and the out-of-context usage, Pierre and his senior weren’t quite sure what the partner meant. Then it dawned on them; it was like a UK soccer score, “nil is zero.” The partner had been saying that the client had “zero tax liability.”  

Up to now, Pierre has worked primarily out of the office in Chicago. But starting in December, he’ll be at a client site full time. Getting the assignment at such a young age is significant, and it’s forcing him to grow up fast in the firm. “I am the sole Deloitte person on the ground there. I can't fluff my way around the technical aspects.” At the same time, he knows his colleagues are there to give him support and help him succeed. “Any time I need help or I am struggling with a certain issue, I can just reach out or come into the Chicago office.”

Pierre is a workout fanatic–needing a daily dose of gym time. He also plays pick-up basketball, and says if he could do anything, he would be a professional athlete. This stems from his love of the sport but also from growing up in Chicago and watching Michael Jordan play. “If he were to dunk, everyone would be up cheering for him, and if he missed, everybody would just let out a loud sigh.” Pierre says that kind of control over a crowd would be something else. “I’d love that.”

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Pierre's career journey

#Pierre in 140-characters or less

"Tax professional who values diversity. World-traveler. Work-out fanatic. Basketball lover."


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