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'Why I chose Deloitte'

Rachel interviewed with several other organizations for internships, but the way Deloitte approached the recruitment and retention of talent seemed different. She notes her mentors at Deloitte have helped her see how competency and experience build confidence and how learning from mistakes is a rite of passage that helps team members grow professionally.

“The leadership culture here pushes you further than you might otherwise push yourself, and gives you the support necessary to succeed. On every project, I continue to increase my technical competence, gain exposure to new situations and build relationships at all levels both internally and externally. I feel fortunate to be among smart, driven individuals who are interested in my development. Other firms don’t often make this investment as easily recognizable. This is why I chose Deloitte.”

— Rachel Lissak, Corporate Finance Analyst, Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Mentoring matters. Rachel Lissak knows that firsthand. She explains that even if you’ve read all the textbooks and have a 4.0 grade point average from a top university, you can’t always be prepared for how business unfolds in the real world. “There are things you can’t anticipate. Those are the kinds of things you look to your supervisors for guidance on.”

Rachel works in investment banking, which is a complex, multi-tiered, and often sensitive kind of work. Entire negotiations can hinge on a single conversation or detail. She explains that you cannot be afraid to ask questions. Early on, Rachel would ask: “I would say, ‘Can I say this?’ … What’s appropriate to answer? What amount of information is OK to give? Because you don’t know.” Those with more experience would guide her. It has helped her grow as a leader and succeed to the point at which partners now routinely turn to her. Case in point: Recently Rachel was part of the team acting as the financial advisor on a buy side transaction. “The partner would turn to me and ask, ‘When did we get that?’ And I would be able to answer her.”

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Leverage your network:

When asked for words of wisdom, Rachel replied “There are definitely things you have to do—personal accountability in terms of identifying and asking for opportunities is important, and then it is your approach to people and to the work which ultimately define you. The best part about Deloitte is that if you don’t know that answer to a question, someone you know does and Deloitte most likely has an expert on that topic somewhere in the world – this is the beauty of Deloitte and leveraging your network. Lastly, I cannot stress the importance of making every single-day a day to learn something new. I just think that who I am as a person now, has a lot to do with the culture of Deloitte; it is a culture that has enabled me to benefit from the coaching of my mentors.”

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For Rachel, mentoring came full circle in unexpected ways.

Recently, during Deloitte’s IMPACT Day she volunteered to participate in mock interviews for Upwardly Global, an organization that helps foreign professionals find work in the US. Rachel was surprised by the candidates and reflects, “The first woman I interviewed had her own marketing and event planning business in Russia.” Another was a financial advisor. “She had many years of experience and was so accomplished.” Yet the participants were asking Rachel about internships and “it was humbling and made me feel very lucky.” In the end, one of the professionals who participated became a colleague, landing a position in the Business Valuation & Modeling practice.

Rachel grew up in New Jersey. She’s traveled abroad to Israel and even had her first interview with Deloitte via Skype from Tel Aviv. She’s been to Prague, Vienna, Belgium, Amsterdam, and London. She likes to scuba dive and spends time with her dogs (two golden retrievers, one mixed breed). And she feels incredibly fortunate for the friendships she has made with the other analysts in her group.

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Rachel's career journey

#Rachel in 140-Characters or Less

“Team Player. Scuba diver. Dog lover. Reliable Corporate Finance professional. Aspiring Payments Guru. Globally mobile in travels & outlook.”


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