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Career Journeys: Meet our Strategy & Operations professionals

Our people and our culture make Deloitte a place where leaders thrive. Get an inside look at the rich diversity of background, education, and experiences of our S&O professionals.

Strategy & Operations

Deloitte’s consulting practice helps organizations take decisive action and achieve sustainable results by providing strategic, financial, operational, human capital, and IT services.

Meet some of our Strategy & Operations professionals:

Maggie Fletcher, senior consultant

"I really love the network that I have built. The colleagues that I met on my first day come from different schools, cities, backgrounds, and walks of life. But over the past four years, they have become my team members, my champions, and my closest friends."

Meet Maggie


Amrit Bhinder

Russell Gong, manager

"I don't really look at my career development as a destination—a linear path. I see it more as a portfolio. How full of rich experiences can I make that portfolio? So when the time comes, when ideas or people need action, I’m ready to roll."

Meet Russell


Russell Gong

Jen Juneau, manager

"I thought I was going to be a scientist or a doctor and so when I got the offer, I said to myself ‘Well, I'm going to try Deloitte for a year.’ I actually started working with a large healthcare provider organization quite early and so what I saw was an intersection between science, medicine, and business that I was interested in and good at."

Meet Jen


Jen Juneau

Ryan O'Quinn, senior consultant

“My father was raised in a small town in Arkansas that is reminiscent of the hometown of Ray Charles – if you have seen that movie. It was a very poor southern area, almost like a watering hole town. When his aunt passed, he was forced to move to Watts, California, which at the time was a hardened inner city. Still, he managed to get out of that environment. He went to UCLA, got his Masters of Healthcare Administration at the University of Washington, and now he is a health care executive who has visited the White House and traveled to the Vatican as a part of his work at a major Catholic health care system. I guess when I think back, what has shaped me the most was watching his career develop. I have been to a couple of his events where he has been a keynote speaker. Watching him command an audience, talk about his experiences, and speak as an expert, it has affected me. He is my idol.”

Meet Ryan


Ryan O'Quinn

Will Reynolds, senior consultant

“In the last position I worked in, in the military, I was serving as the deputy ops with JIEDO, which is the Joint Improvised Explosive Defeat Organization. And that was really where I was introduced to the whole consultant realm. It had representatives from all the different services, but it also had civilian contractors from consulting firms. I realized, ‘Hey, you can contribute to the Department of Defense and federal space as a non-uniformed person.’”

Meet Will

Will Reynolds

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