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Career Journeys: Meet our Tax professionals

Our people and our culture make Deloitte a place where leaders thrive. Get an inside look at the rich diversity of background, education, and experiences of our Tax professionals.


Deloitte Tax professionals bring a deep understanding of issues and trends that are reshaping today’s business world and transforming the tax function. We offer clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services, combining insights, and innovation with business and industry knowledge to help companies excel globally.

Meet some of our Tax professionals below.

Todd Sweeris, partner

 “Deloitte always stood near the top for me from a cultural standpoint and a fit perspective ... On a weekly basis, you spend more waking hours with your colleagues than you do with your family. So make sure that fit works … follow your gut.”

Meet Todd

Tori Boegh, managing director

“My dad teaches accounting at Long Beach State and used to work at Deloitte. I think he sort of finds it delightful that his scientist daughter ended up at his old accounting firm.”

Meet Tori

John Doran, consultant

"When it comes to the Big Four, a lot of the work is pretty similar. For me, it comes down to knowing that I'll be working a lot of hours at points of the year with these people. I have to be comfortable with them."

Meet John

Caroline Durbin, consultant

“When looking at career options, think about who you could see yourself spending every day with. It’s the same criteria I used when I was deciding where I was going to play college basketball. I want to make sure it's somewhere I'm going to fit in and excel.”

Meet Caroline 

Edgar Rosillo, manager

“I was 18, and a freshman in college, when I started helping my parents with their bankruptcy. With some drive and knowledge of the principles of accounting, I reorganized their whole company and implemented QuickBooks™. Since I was the finance and accounting “expert,” I was reporting directly to the bankruptcy appointed U.S. trustee. I was going to court hearings, defending my parents, the company, and the financials. I would nervously wait for the judge to dismiss creditors’ allegations and would pray for our lawyer’s success. But that bittersweet experience gave me a feel for accounting, made me think, ‘I like this. I like working with numbers. I like understanding what they mean and how it affects businesses.’”

Meet Edgar

Edgar Rosillo

Jennifer Deutsch, partner

“When I left Deloitte I never thought I would come back -- not because I didn't want to, but because if I was out of public accounting for a period of time I wouldn't be able to. That was clearly the wrong assumption. I had contacts at Deloitte and I happened upon a conversation with someone and they told me to look into it again. And when I came back, I told my husband, I feel like I am coming home.”

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Deutsch

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