MOOCs and more: External learning for corporate IT

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​John Hagel and John Seely Brown, Deloitte Center for the Edge co-chairs, share their perspectives on topics from technology to talent. Read their latest contributions in CFO Journal, CIO Journal and others below.

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MOOCs and More: External Learning for Corporate IT
CIO Journal, 2/12/2015 | Incorporating new learning and training environments into IT organizations can help CIOs address myriad talent challenges while boosting IT performance and improving KPIs.

CFO Journal

Passion vs Ambition: Weekend Reading
12/5/2014 | Ambition and drive may be sufficient in a world that is predictable, but are they are enough in a world of constant change and disruption?

Unlocking the Passion of Workers: Weekend Reading
9/27/2014 | To address perpetually mounting competitive pressures, organizations need workers who bring passion to their jobs to navigate challenges and accelerate performance improvement.

Internet of Things—Unlocking the Business Value of Connected Devices: Weekend Reading
8/29/2014 | If IoT solutions can improve enterprise adopters’ fundamental business values—not just savings and risk management, but also revenue growth and innovation—demand and new uses for connected devices will grow.

Take the Shift Index Organizational Self-Assessment: Weekend Reading
7/18/2014 | The organizational self-assessment tutorial introduces the capabilities required for scalable learning through a series of videos.

Federal CFO: Using the Cloud to Address Talent Challenges
4/11/2014 | In an era of constrained budgets, federal agencies face a variety of talent challenges, from increased employee retirements and fewer young people joining their ranks to shortages of highly skilled knowledge workers.

How CFOs can make social software work for their companies
3/6/2014 | One of the technological innovations contributing to the Big Shift is social media, which has empowered individual consumers as unlike before, and has now arrived with game-changing potential for businesses in the form of social software.

A Movement in the Making: Weekend Reading
2/21/2014 | As maker communities spring up around the globe, a plethora of physical and virtual platforms to serve them have emerged, from platforms that inspire and teach, to those that provide access to tools and mentorship, to those that connect individuals with financing and customers.

Four Paradoxes That Could Change a Company’s Performance Outlook:Weekend Reading
12/13/2013 | The article examines the effects of what the Center terms the “Big Shift” on major components of return on assets (ROA) and the perils of short-term thinking.

A simple strategy for winning the talent war
4/12/2013 | To attract and retain sought-after professionals, leaders should consider creating work environments where candidates of all levels can develop.

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CIO Journal

How CIOs can influence corporate performance
4/14/2014 | By focusing on simple, targeted initiatives that support the financial and operational metrics of utmost importance to the business, CIOs can lead their enterprises to improved performance and raise the profile of their IT organizations

How Redesigning the Work Environment Can Improve Corporate Performance
11/12/2013 | The physical workspaces, infrastructure for virtual work, and management practices that comprise a company’s work environment dramatically influence corporate performance. CIOs have an opportunity to improve their enterprises’ competitive positions when they take the lead on efforts to redesign the work environment.

Unlocking the Passion of Your Workers
10/23/2013 | Think passion only has a place in edgy Silicon Valley startups? Think again. A dearth of worker passion is harming corporate performance and competitiveness.

5 Ways Social Software Can Help Manage Chaos
6/5/2013 | CIOs can leverage social software to provide faster, more transparent resolution to every day “exception handling,” according to Deloitte Center for the Edge co-chairman John Hagel.

The CIO’s Role in Business Transformation
4/10/2013 | Companies that harness cloud, mobile, and social technologies to cultivate opportunities on the edge of their businesses may reap better business transformation results. As CIO, what role will you play?

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Birds of a feather
HRO Today, 12/15/2014 | Don’t let key talent fly away. Ignite passion in your existing workforce with these six strategies.

Why Questioning Tried and True Management Systems is Critial to Redesigning Our Work Envronments
HR Times, 1/23/2014 | Technological innovations have changed our tools and how we communicate, but most organizational structures and practices remain the same. What if everything we know about organizational design is becoming obsolete?

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