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Maker Impact Summit 2014

Impacts of the maker movement

The Maker Summit at TechShop in Arlington, Virginia was designed to highlight the present and future impacts of the Maker Movement in the US and beyond and coincided with the first-ever White House Maker Faire. Key stakeholder and leaders were invited to collaborate on how to develop local and national programs that improve access to tools and mentors and support developing maker communities in America.

We invite you to view videos of featured speakers from the Summit and download the full report, which explores the potential for broad impact from the maker movement and what it means for you and your organization.​

    A movement in the making

    Ready or not, welcome to the world of the maker movement. It all begins with "making" –the next generation of inventing and do-it-yourself – and it's creeping into everyday discourse. The maker movement is referenced in connection with topics ranging from the rebirth of manufacturing to job skills development to reconnecting with our roots. A movement in the making, uncovers how the maker movement is a precursor of a broader shift in the global economic landscape of how companies conduct business.

    Discover what the maker movement means for your company.

    Impact of the Maker Movement

    The Maker Movement is poised to have a broad impact across our lives and signals larger changes afoot in the way we interact with our institutions and the world around us. Making-related activities will emerge as a dominant source of livelihood as individuals find ways to build small businesses around their creative activity and large companies increasingly automate their operations. Learn more about the impact on consumers, companies, and communities.​

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    Maker Movement Signals

    We offer five provocative propositions for how the Maker Movement will impact our future economy and society. Explore these concepts and the signals that the future is already here--from individual ventures to fast-growing platforms to Fortune 500 companies charting new territory—in a set of cards designed for easy access to the big ideas.​

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    National Day of Making 2014

    President Obama proclaimed June 18, 2014 as National Day of Making, calling upon all Americans to observe the day by participating in activities and programs that “encourage a new generation of makers and manufacturers to share their talents and hone their skills.” Click the link to read the full proclamation and the President’s commitment to helping all American’s bring their ideas to life.


    Makerspace Playbook

    A fairly new phenomenon, simply put, Makerspaces are community gathering centers with tools, and are beginning to produce projects with significant national impact. Each space is dedicated to providing access to education and equipment uniquely arranged to fit the community it serves. Request a free Makerspace Playbook, a guide for those who hope to start their own Makerspace in their school or community.


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