Digital workplace and culture


CMOs and the digital workplace

The new corporate culture

Can marketers help their organizations adapt to digital technologies and create a more engaging customer experience?

Many businesses have embraced digital as a means of connecting with customers, but are these organizations using the latest technologies to keep their own employees engaged? It’s an increasingly important question for CMOs as their role evolves and they collaborate with other C-suite leaders to drive growth.

From messaging apps to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies to social networking tools, digital advances have dramatically changed the way we work, enabling increased productivity, cost efficiencies, and virtual and global collaboration. Yet the digital workplace also presents challenges that C-level executives should attempt to manage if they hope to create a culture to attract and retain the best talent. These challenges include IT security vulnerabilities, employee burnout, and the need for new systems and policies.

Why should a CMO care? An organization’s culture and the engagement levels of its employees can have a significant impact on the customer experience. Satisfied employees perform better and shape how positive—or not—a customer’s interaction with the brand will be. The good news is that business leaders are aware of the need to foster a positive, productive culture, with 86 percent citing it as an important or very important issue.[1

To create and lead a strong digital workplace, CMOs, and their C-level counterparts should:

  • Build their culture to support digital, optimizing enterprise digital technologies while still encouraging person-to-person interactions;
  • Treat employees like customers, curating and creating a digital experience for them;
  • Be open to innovation, allowing employees to create solutions and customize their jobs to align with their personal skillsets.

As digital technologies continue to transform the workplace, enterprises should adapt and evolve, creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent—and customers.

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