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New research: Creating a brand-fueled movement that matters

What does it take to elevate a brand marketing strategy into a brand-fueled experience that truly resonates with consumers? To answer this question, Deloitte combined research with one-on-one interviews with top marketing and branding minds from around the world to explore the factors that fuel movement marketing.

Explore this paper, which highlights key factors and shares insights that have enabled strong brands to inspire communities, and change behaviors.

Companies that outperform the competition have ideals that power their growth and provide incubation from temporary setbacks in their brand equity.
                              — Jim Stengel, former CMO, Procter & Gamble

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Brand management: In the news

Social media can be a powerful channel for both building and damaging company brands. Managing this double-edged sword to your advantage is a key challenge for company leadership and an area of growing concern for many boards of directors. Explore how CMOs and boards can work together to maximize social media brand-building opportunities while effectively managing brand risk.

Why marketing should matter to boards

Written by Diana O'Brien and Deborah DeHaas and published in NACD Directorship magazine, March/April 2017
As marketing commonly becomes a more powerful channel for building a company’s brand, promoting collaboration across the enterprise, and gathering customer insights, boards should consider reexamining the role of marketing and how the marketing function might be tapped to fulfill the board’s oversight responsibilities.

CMOs take up the mantle of risk management
Written by Tim Davis, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP
In the age of big data, social media, and the empowered consumer, CMOs and marketing executives are often finding themselves increasingly responsible for risk management. 

How to bring brand into the boardroom
Brand is often an infrequent topic in boardrooms, and when it does come up, the conversation is usually centered on risk and reputation. Two Deloitte practitioners discuss the importance of bringing brand into the boardroom.

How to protect your brand and reputation
Keri Calagna, leader of Deloitte Advisory’s brand and reputation management services, offers insight on how marketers can proactively manage risk in the face of a crisis.

Saving an iconic brand: Krispy Kreme
In a podcast interview with Mike Kearney, an Advisory partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP and leader of the Strategic Risk Services practice, and Daryl Brewster, former turnaround CEO of Krispy Kreme, reflects on the brand’s efforts to rebuild itself a decade ago.

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The CMO Survey: What’s on the mind of marketing leaders?

Deloitte supports the CMO Survey—conducted biannually since 2008 by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business marketing professor Christine Moorman—as a measure of how marketing leaders are navigating this brave new world.

View the results of the February 2017 survey.

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