Our perspective: Christine Cutten


Our perspective: Christine Cutten

Christine Cutten, a Deloitte Consulting LLP principal, provides her perspective on the future of marketing and the skill sets CMOs should have to be successful.

What is the future of marketing?

The future of marketing is exciting. Historically, marketing was about generating a creative idea and making a TV commercial. But that’s evolved, and today we’re seeing a merge of art and science, with an increasing emphasis on science. Neuromarketing—how the brain engages with visuals, the analytics around customer insights, and how to drive those insights—marries the right- and left-brain capabilities; the future of marketing requires both.

What kind of skills does a future CMO need?

A future CMO should orchestrate cross-functionally, much like the conductor of a symphony. CMOs should bring together many different skill sets to enable a great customer experience. For example, CMOs should be able to coordinate with and lead analytics, data, creative, channel delivery, finance, and operations teams to execute on winning business and enhancing customer-facing marketing strategies.

CMOs should also be able to advocate for the customer from within their organization. They must drive teams to analyze insights, design the end-to-end customer experience based on those insights and finding “moments that matter,” and successfully execute on this experience.

For an aspiring CMO to be successful in this new world of marketing, what advice do you have?

A CMO should recognize how hard it can be to earn a seat at the table in the C-Suite. To do that, CMOs should recognize what the CEO, CFO, and CIO are expecting from them; typically, these things are different. Partnerships at that C-level become important in terms of engaging, being successful, and telling your story as a CMO.

A CEO is looking for how are you going to help deliver growth and awareness, and drive your brand to the top of the ladder. A CFO is looking for the financial discipline. And a CIO wants you to spend realistically on technology. These are the key topics an aspiring CMO needs to think about for collaborating with colleagues in the C-suite.

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