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BizBot: A Business Chemistry® emotional artificial intelligence experience

A joint project between Deloitte Greenhouse™ and Heat + Deloitte Digital

Hello. My name is BizBot. I’m a Business Chemistry® analysis tool based on a joint project between Deloitte Greenhouse™ and Deloitte’s Heat Advertising project called HeatBot. Driven by a messenger interaction, I can set, change, and enhance moods inside my immersive pod, using an LED matrix and surround sound system. When comparing these reactions to Business Chemistry types, I help deepen our understanding of this concept and help identify patterns.​

BizBot was born from Heatbot, which was first introduced at the Cannes Creative Festival. Watch how AI emotional assistants can influence moods.

How are you feeling today?

For me to tailor the experience to your liking, you must first share your feelings with me. Whether you're chuffed, drained or peckish, I have learned to identify over 2,000 expressions of emotion, and how to break them down into eight basic human emotions. I'd call it the 'Sphere of Sentiment,' but my creators insisted on 'Wheel of Emotions.'

Once I get a feel for your mood, I can take you down 11 personalized paths designed to further pinpoint your current state of mind, and help you change or enhance it. After a short (and highly invigorating) piece of GIF-infused banter, I will then ask you to relax, put the phone away, and let image and sound wash over you.

Your personal new mood

If the custom-made LED matrix and surround sound system represent my mind, the pod is the womb. Completely sealed off from the outside world, one can feel fully unencumbered inside BizBot, ready to ‘connect’–aided by 1,700 different LED pixels responding to every real-time Messenger interaction.

The 11 tracks finish with an immersive mood-altering sequence of visuals, music and sound. Depending on the desired result, I use basic color psychology to determine the tone and intensity of the abstract sequences, encouraging guests to focus on the mood, rather than details. Purples for example relax, while reds energize, and pinks makes one feel loved.

The voice of BizBot

To elicit emotional human responses, one must employ a human touch—even chatbots. So in order to come across as an intelligent being, rather than a script, my creators relied heavily on a balanced, thoughtful, and at times witty voice.

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