Cash: King or conundrum?

How should technology companies deploy their cash to grow?

Once seen as a sign of future growth, accumulated cash is now a cause for concern. Increasing pressure from investors is forcing technology companies to turn a challenge into opportunity. Discover the most creative and long-term strategies technology companies can use to deploy and grow their cash.​

For technology companies to deploy their cash, big ideas are required

​Why has cash hoarding become an issue now?

Wall Street once rewarded technology companies for stockpiling cash reserves during the recession, because they were a sign of robustness and indicated the potential for growth. Today, however, there is a predominant view that the use of cash is a key factor in a company’s long-term business strategy.

What are considerations for technology companies when deploying cash?

In a brief, insightful report, Deloitte details the importance of creativity and a long-term outlook when implementing cash deployment strategies. The repatriation of offshore cash reserves can pose a challenge, however, there are three steps Deloitte recommends for optimal deployment of offshore cash. An understanding of the complexities of cash use and a broad awareness of the opportunities in different markets are two key factors for executives to keep in mind before choosing a path.

How can you align your use of cash with your business strategy?

Risk, scalability and uniqueness are key dimensions to a winning investment decision.

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