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Cloud computing case studies

See how computing power and agility can help you accelerate your possible

Technology makes promises to business—real-time analytics, systems modernization, intelligent supply chains, revamped operating models, and cultural change. See how companies, working with Deloitte, are deploying cloud’s speed, power, and agility to help fulfill those promises and transform their operations.

Featured story: WAEPA

Building trust (and results) with customer-centric capabilities and cloud-enabled insights

The need to effectively and meaningfully connect with customers through digital channels has never been greater. Insurance customers today expect “one-click,” transactional capabilities just like the ones they enjoy elsewhere in their everyday digital lives. They want to be able to access quotes, product details, personal information, and account services anytime, anywhere, and on any device. At the same time, businesses increasingly require solutions that can help them stay ahead of customers’ growing expectations and demands, allowing them to more effectively leverage their data for rapid insights and improved service.

At WAEPA, a 78-year-old nonprofit provider of life insurance for federal civilian employees and their families, the need for change has accelerated as industry and customer expectations have changed. To increase membership, prepare for expansion opportunities, better serve existing members, and improve business operations, WAEPA needed to invest boldly in transformation, with responsive cloud technology as a central component.




Application Modernization & Migration in action

After a large, multination organization turned to Deloitte to modernize its legacy applications to better meet customer and client needs, Deloitte created a road map focused on process efficiencies, workforce agility, and a future-ready state of technology and built an application modernization center. This central hub drove modernization across the entire enterprise and provided present and future business value.

Through application modernization, Deloitte provided the organization with an enhanced user experience, improved security protocols, streamlined development integration, and systematic information sharing among teams. Discover more about how Deloitte uses cloud technology to help organizations unlock their full potential, deliver a clear vision for the future, and achieve substantial cost savings.

Cloud investments pay off

Featured story: Broadcom

Learn how Deloitte helped Broadcom implement a cloud native solution to help manage risks and safeguard health for their on-site workers.

Information technology and communications tools have been lifesavers for organizations as they have responded to the pandemic—allowing their employees to do their jobs and collaborate seamlessly. But for companies that develop and supply essential infrastructure technologies, the realities of work are often physical. Design spaces, labs, clean rooms, production facilities—they all require people to be on-site, sometimes in close proximity to one another. For Broadcom Inc., a global leader in infrastructure technology, completely hitting the pause button for on-site work was obviously not an option. The company knew it needed to do more than the standard response to COVID-19, such as social distancing, protective gear, and hygiene practices. They wanted a rapidly deployable solution that would help alert them to potential instances of COVID-19, understand where action was needed, and integrate seamlessly with their existing systems. Broadcom’s search led them to a customizable, Deloitte cloud native mobile solution called MyPath to Work.




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