Tech trends 2017


Tech Trends 2017: A C&IP industry perspective

The kinetic enterprise

This report provides a C&IP-specific perspective on Deloitte's 2017 technology trends report. This report outlines how companies presently must sift through the promotional noise and hyperbole surrounding emerging technologies to find those solutions offering real potential. To realize that potential, they should become 'kinetic' organizations—companies with the dexterity and vision required to thrive amid ongoing technology-fueled disruption. While the report identifies key trends that will likely revolutionize enterprise technology in the next 18-24 months, the exponentials chapter looks even farther into the future, describing four key areas that blend science and applied technologies.

Tech Trends 2017: A consumer products perspective

To help understand the Kinetic Enterprise, we present Deloitte's Tech Trends for consumer products, an annual in-depth exploration of six trends that are likely to challenge consumer products companies in the next 18–24 months. From dark analytics to a framework for building innovation capabilities to tackle the exponential watch list, these articles embody the spirit of the kinetic enterprise. They represent key capabilities required for the consumer products industry to embrace and adapt in an environment of disruption.

Explore the consumer products perspective: 2017 Tech Trends.

Tech Trends 2017: A retail perspective

The retail industry is facing unparalleled change. The wide-scale embrace of digital technology, coupled with seismic shifts in consumer behavior and expectations, has produced an ever-changing marketplace for retailers to compete in.

As with each edition of our annual Tech Trends report, this is part of an ongoing discussion in an ever-evolving field. Our goal is to provide you pointers to better engage with clients, make better decisions, and do more with less. We hope these ideas will help inform and guide your thinking as you explore opportunities to innovate and improve. Explore the retail perspective: 2017 Tech Trends

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