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Flexible consumption business model transformation allows customers the flexibility to consume and pay-per-use, but transitioning is complicated and challenging. Companies exploring consumption-based business models should think through the implications of the complex and interrelated business decisions they will need to make as they transition.

Flexible consumption transition strategies for business

In an era of business model disruption, perhaps one of the most profound developments in the technology, media, and telecommunications world is the shift away from a model based on outright purchase or licensing to one based on consumption. But moving to a flexible consumption model is not for the faint of heart. It calls for sound strategy and a fundamentally different way of doing business. Explore the four paths that companies have typically taken to transition or expand to consumption-based models.

Driving growth through the right pay-per-use business models

Flexible consumption calls for an entirely new business model that changes how products and services are sold and to whom. But before companies can transition to a pay-per-use model, they must understand their current business model from every angle–from their product portfolio to how they realize revenue. Companies need detailed answers to four important questions to determine how their future consumption-based business model will address customer requirements and market shifts.

Six capabilities to consider

Does your company have the capabilities, skills, and knowledge needed to support consumption-based models in an as-a-service economy? Explore our third, in a series of five, flashpoints on flexible consumption models. 

Key considerations for your as-a-service business

Companies that shift to subscription or pay-per-use offerings must identify their highest-priority capabilities and decide how to organize them. While this can be an arduous task, companies that overlook optimizing their operating models for flexible consumption could end up missing key opportunities to reach their customers.

Pay–per–use models using cloud and other tech

The pay-per-use model requires different sets of technology platforms and capabilities from traditional business models. Does your company have the right capabilities in place to make the transition? Technology, media, and telecommunications companies (TMT) must assess their current flexible consumption technology platform and identify the gaps.

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