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Listening is a key leadership skill
HR PEOPLE + STRATEGY │ February 6, 2018
It is easy to think the more outspoken, outgoing, and confident someone is, the better they are at leading teams. However, the introverted leader, who is often overlooked, shouldn't be undervalued. The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team explains the importance of listening as a key leadership skill.

Millennial stereotypes debunked as research confirms they display a full range of personality types
Insight Publishing | September 27, 2017

C-suite personality types and how to make them work together
Accounting and Business magazine (AB magazine) | July 1, 2017
Do C-suite executives differ from the general business population in their approaches to problem-solving? To some extent, yes, according to the results of a recent survey by the Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team.

New research identifies four workplace personality types
Good Morning America (ABC News) | March 8, 2017
Are you a Pioneer, Guardian, Driver, or an Integrator? The hosts of ABC’s Good Morning America talk about the four different Business Chemistry types, and hunch their type.

What personality type determines success in the workplace?
Counsel & Heal | March 2, 2017
Do opposites really attract in the office, or are they doomed to clash on business decisions? The science of Business Chemistry suggests people with opposing personalities cannot only work together, but also help improve team dynamics by learning to embrace the strengths of the four types.

Revealed: The four types of personality you'll find in every workplace (so which one are you?)
Daily Mail | March 2, 2017
When it comes to work, do you like to jump into a project and see what happens, or do you prefer to take a more measured approach? How you work can define your work personality, according to a new Deloitte-published study on the science of Business Chemistry.

Scientists think there are four workplace personalities—which is yours?
Glamour | February 28, 2017
We often like to think about how different people with different personality types affect our personal lives, but many of us don’t think about how these traits affect our work. In its new study on Business Chemistry, Deloitte identifies four types of working styles you’ll encounter in the office, and how leaders can help diverse teams work together.

The reason you don't get along with all of your coworkers comes down to four different office personalities
Business Insider | February 27, 2017
Diverse opinions and personality types can drive innovation in the workplace, but they can also cause conflict and tension. For leaders looking to improve performance and reduce inter-office stress, learning the lessons of Business Chemistry can help create a more harmonious workplace.

The new science of team chemistry
Harvard Business Review | February 23, 2017
To improve team performance, leaders should understand the personalities and work habits of their individual team members. Suzanne M. Johnson Vicksburg and Kim Christfort show how the science of Business Chemistry can help create a work environment that allows each team member to reach his or her full potential.

Stressed? Could be your Business Chemistry
The Business Journals | January 19, 2017
No one can completely avoid stress in the workplace. But, a recent Deloitte study by the Greenhouse Experience Team shows how your personality and approach toward work could have a bigger impact on your stress levels than you might think.

Eleven things you should never say to your coworkers at the office holiday party
Business Insider | December 13, 2016
Mixing up cocktails, holiday stress, and your boss can be a recipe for disaster. That's why office holiday parties are often a minefield of awkward situations. Kim Christfort, national managing director for the Deloitte Greenhouse Experience, says there are certain behaviors that can tick off your coworkers that you should be mindful of at the office holiday party.

Why imagery and metaphor are essential for business communications
Fast Company | November 24, 2016
Metaphors can inspire action, or increase recall and understanding when trying to communicate a complex message. The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team explains how using metaphors can help you resonate with your audience.

Five surprising reasons why you're super stressed out at work
Inc. | September 7, 2016
Is your work stressing you out? You may be surprised to learn your personality type may have as much to do with your stress as your workload. Our recent study shows uses Business Chemistry to look at common causes of stress in the workplace, and help you understand how to reduce them.

How to bounce back quickly after making a mistake at the office
Time | September 7, 2016
In our recent study on stress in the workplace, 82 percent of respondents surveyed said making a mistake is the No. 1 cause of their discomfort in the office. Using Business Chemistry, we look at why mistakes bother us so much, and how you can rebound when things go wrong.

How your personality type may be stressing you out at work
Entrepreneur | August 24, 2016
Stress in the workplace is unavoidable. But how you handle it—and its causes—may have as much to do with your personality type as the work you do. A recent Deloitte study uses the science of Business Chemistry to identify the causes of workplace stress, and provide some tips on how you can reduce them.

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