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In-memory computing for digital utilities

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​In-memory computing helps organizations accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence (BI), and simplify their IT environments. By providing the foundation for all of an organization's data needs, in-memory computing removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data; reports and analytics can run live and support decision-making in the new digital economy.

Site physical security analytics

Video analytics improve security operations.

VCA technology analyzes metadata on a frame-by-frame basis to provide an exception-based reporting tool which can be combined with sensor and communication solutions to support security and logistics. This helps Improve effectiveness of security operations and highly sensitive and potentially physically remote sites.

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Insight hub utilization

Insight hub gathers sensor data from the field to appropriately create work orders.

Field sensor data is gathered electronically and stored in a virtual insight hub. The insight hub analyzes the sensor data, in conjunction with other variables (weather, inventory, fleet information, past resolutions, etc.) to automatically create work orders (i.e. in a filter d/p reaching a cleaning threshold). Sensor data that does not allow for an automatic work order creates an exception notification which is automatically routed to a supervisor for further processing. Visualizations are created from the insight hub data to increase overall field service logistics efficiency. The data captured in the insights hub is also leveraged for additional purposes such as employee safety, regulatory compliance, litigation & disputes, etc.

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