Manage your organization masterfully with project portfolio management

PPM provides direct visibility into a leader’s organization, thus providing the information required to lead and make decisions authoritatively. It can be applied to many industries at varying levels of organizational maturity.

About the book

Project Portfolio Management can provide the ability to significantly reduce cost, increase delivery efficiency, save revenue for other investments, and more effectively employ the organization’s work force to strategically aligned initiatives.

By focusing on people first, then on process—and viewing technology as an enabler—you can use PPM to guide your business to maturity. When applied properly, it helps put command of the organization back in your own hands.

Deloitte Consulting LLP’s PPM practice leader Christopher Garibaldi and his team of strategists provide insights that help technology and business leaders use PPM to transform their businesses in this handy guide.

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​Meet the authors

Chris Garibaldi is the Deloitte Consulting LLP principal who built Deloitte’s PPM practice.

Matthew Ku, Jason Magill, and Michael Ravin are senior leaders in the PPM practice that have worked with Deloitte’s largest global clients on PPM strategy, implementation, and ongoing maturity.

Christopher Martin and Maurice Ducoing specialize in PPM, application portfolio management, and organizational change management.

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