Process mining and transformation

Next-generation approach that uses management information to rapidly identify options and drive your transformation

When was the last time you tried a truly next-gen approach that used data information to rapidly identify tactics to achieve a transformation you desire? And are you planning for your next tech transformation using historical methods, yet expecting different results?

Deloitte’s Center for Process Bionics

As technology and innovation evolves at a staggering pace, the use of the ‘I’ from information technology has not kept pace. Deloitte’s new Operations Transformation’s Center for Process Bionics (CPB) is here to change that. When you use information to understand processes and how systems interact with these processes, you help operations be not only more effective, but also more efficient. The CPB harnesses management information and fuses it with industry leading practice scenarios to show your personalized options for transforming your organization that are consistent with what you do well, your opportunities and your strategic priorities.

The CPB, our operations transformation factory, will conduct process mining using your data, quantify the impact on cost, cycle time, value creation and resource hours of your current process flows, and will then work with you and your key stakeholders to quantify changes associated with various scenarios including optimizing technology usage, implementing RPA and cognitive tools, redesigning processes to stop workarounds and moving staff to the highest value activities.

Looking at your data in new ways, information helps you get the returns you need, such that looking at processes without looking at the connective tissue is now a thing of the past. The Center for Process Bionics will revolutionize the way you see your information and help you see a better path for transformation…with precision, up to 40 percent faster speed of delivery and truly differentiated results that stick.

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