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<b>New Q2 insights:</b> Explore updated findings from the Deloitte AI Institute's survey series tracking Generative AI adoption, wins, and challenges throughout 2024.

The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise

Quarter 2: Jan. – Feb. 2024

Scaling for tangible results

It’s time to go from pilots and proofs of concept to large-scale deployment. With new findings and insights from Q2, the second report in our The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise series, Getting Real About Generative AI, explores how organizations are getting down to the work of turning potential into reality.

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Quarter 1: Oct. – Dec. 2023

Now decides next

In our Q1 report, we found that expectations of Generative AI remain high, but many leaders are feeling pressure to quickly realize value while managing risks. The greatest areas of concern include governance, talent, and potential for economic inequality.

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Insights from the leading edge
of Generative AI adoption

The defining time for Generative AI is now. How we train, apply, govern and work with Generative AI will determine its impact. The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise is a survey series tracking trends in use cases, sentiment, adoption, and challenges throughout 2024. Explore findings from the past two quarters now, and stay tuned for what’s next.

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  • Q2 GenAI report

    Explore evolving attitudes and approaches to efficiency, trust, and the workforce of the future.

  • Q1 GenAI report

    Take a look into the Generative AI deployments of future-forward organizations.

  • Now decides next

    Learn about the series, follow trends, and gain insights to stay prepared for the future.

  • Stay future-ready. Discover how Generative AI adoption
    is evolving in our Q2 report.

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    Generative AI adoption by function

    GenAI-savvy organizations are implementing tools and capabilities across teams at higher rates. Explore how GenAI is being used across the enterprise today.

    IT and cybersecurity

    Examples include chatbots, code generation, threat simulations, and failure scenarios for predictive maintenance.


    IT and cybersecurity offer a wide range of use cases for GenAI. Explore a few.

    Marketing, sales, and customer service

    Examples include personalized ad content, sales forecasts based on historical data and market trends, and virtual assistants.


    GenAI can optimize campaigns and enhance customer interactions.

    Product development and R&D

    Examples include concepting, the creation of new product designs, and simulated prototypes in various environments.


    Organizations are speeding up the ideation stage. See how.

    Strategy and operations

    Examples include simulating business scenarios to aid in strategic planning and optimizing processes through efficient workflows.


    GenAI has the potential to optimize operations. Discover its uses.


    Examples include generating financial forecasts, creating risk assessments, and automating report generation.


    In finance, GenAI can free up teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

    Supply chain and manufacturing

    Examples include simulating the performance of processes to improve efficiency and predicting demand, supply, and logistics scenarios.


    GenAI has the potential to bring stability and efficiency to supply chains and manufacturing.

    Generative AI insights and solutions from across Deloitte

    About this report

    Now decides next: The state of generative AI in the enterprise is a quarterly report series by the Deloitte AI Institute exploring how actions taken now will guide Gen AI adoption and impact.


    To help leaders in business, technology and the public sector track the rapid pace of generative AI change and adoption within the enterprise, Deloitte is conducting a series of quarterly pulse surveys. The first wave of our survey was fielded to more than 2,800 Director to C-suite level respondents across six industries and 16 countries between October 12 and December 5, 2023.

    About the Deloitte AI Institute

    The Deloitte AI Institute helps organizations connect all the different dimensions of the robust, highly dynamic and rapidly evolving AI ecosystem. The AI Institute collaborates with an ecosystem composed of academic research groups, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, mature AI product leaders, and AI visionaries, to explore key areas of artificial intelligence including risks, policies, ethics, future of work and talent, and applied AI use cases. Combined with Deloitte’s deep knowledge and experience the Institute delivers insights and information to help organizations better inform their AI decisions.

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    Source: Deloitte’s State of Generative AI in the Enterprise Q2 report


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