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Why does top talent leave? New C-Suite study offers surprising answers
Forbes | May 6, 2016
Inspire top performers with technology that helps foster innovation in the workplace.

This is what the C-Suite is losing sleep over
Fortune | May 4, 2016
Innovation isn’t simply about introducing something new — it’s about overcoming the fear of failure in order to embrace the unknown.

A look inside the new trends in business
Fast Company | April 16, 2015
Fast Company delves into the findings of Deloitte’s latest Business Trends report, Business ecosystems come of age, which suggests that the rules, best practices, business models, and mind-sets that have worked in the past are being challenged.

How following 'plan C' put Janet Foutty on track to become Deloitte Consulting's first female CEO
Bizwomen | February 9, 2016


Why every entrepreneur should want to save the world
Fortune | December 17, 2015
Companies born with a social mission are expected to thrive in the coming years, and here are three big forces to watch driving the business model.

Toms shoes is investing in companies that actually care about the world
The Huffington Post | November 13, 2015
Making money is not enough for this big apparel company. It wants to do good and help startups with similar missions.

Autonomous car future will demand tech company and automaker collaboration
USA Today | September 30, 2015
Google's self-driving technology has been limited to cars not made by Google until now. Google's own self-driving 'pod' car made its debut today in Mountain View, CA at the Google X headquarters.

CIO Review magazine
CIO Review | August 31, 2015
Abakus, A prelude to the new age marketing.

In California, a “thoughtful” conversation on water
The New York Times | August 27, 2015
In this OpEd, Will Sarni reminds readers that calling California’s water crisis a drought holds on to the notion that the past is a guide to the future and that a good rain will return us to normal. Water scarcity is driven by increased population, demand for energy and food, and the rise of the middle class.

Water scarcity becomes bad for business | July 24, 2015
Water competition is growing and companies need to learn to cope, according to Will Sarni, director of Deloitte Consulting's water practice.

10 C-Suite jobs of the future
Fast Company | July 14, 2015
Deloitte’s chief technology officer Bill Briggs explains the role of the Chief Ecosystem Officer and the importance of putting one person in charge of industry dynamics and partnerships.

Six ways to learn about a company’s culture
US News & World Report | June 3, 2015
Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, is featured in US News & World Report with advice to job candidates on how to discover an authentic company culture.

The internet of (some) things
TechCrunch | May 19, 2015
Bill Briggs makes sense of the Internet of Things and discusses how a real impact will come from combining data with relevant sensors, things and people.

You’re doing innovation wrong
Forbes | May 5, 2015
Brian Quinn, principal with Doblin, Deloitte’s Innovation and Design practice, is featured on the benefits of framing innovation as a challenge of discipline—of learning to use the right methods, tools, and approaches at the right times.

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